I don’t always talk to bruins…

I usually don’t think that these are funny, but I dig “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” (even though I avoid that horrible beer that he shills,) and I really enjoy anything derogatory about the bruins.

'Nuff Said!

I admire “The Most Interesting Man in the World” because he’s a Trojan at heart.  He’s got the quiet arrogance that one develops during 4 years as an SC undergrad, and sustains through many decades of alumni functions.  His life story is full of great one-liners like “He once punched a mime.  That’s right; you heard me.”  Only my life story, once written, will rival his.  (I’m getting around to working on it – first I need to wait for a few more statutes of limitations to expire.)

Last night, I enjoyed a business steak dinner at Maestros down in Orange County – and denied the bruin valets some coin by parking next door.  The gentleman next to me went to Stanford, and we started talking sports.  I thought it curious that, similar to bruin fans, he emphasized their success at sports that I’d never even heard of. (Squash?)  He then added some dubious stats such as their football team’s 96% graduation rate (I guess when the “threat” of going pro early isn’t there, this number could be achievable), or that Stanford has the most Olympians (USC has the most medals – they can have the record for most “showing ups.”)

He then started espousing the virtues of Tim Tebow; he’s a good person, somebody you’d want your daughter to marry, etc.  One of my dining partners interrupted and said “The important question is – can he throw the football?”  (No.)

I think this brings up an important point about us Trojans.  We don’t need to torture up some statistics to suggest that we’re great.  We let our performance speak for itself.  That’s winning  – Trojan style.

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One Response to I don’t always talk to bruins…

  1. Klaus says:

    Nice work – keep it up!

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