bruins are everywhere.

Nobody told me that ucla has added a school of trucking.

Under this bridge should be a safe place to stop.

How much space does the 60 freeway have that IS NOT under a bridge?  How did this guy manage to park his burning truck under one and make it impossible for me to go to LA?  If he had tried this during football season, there would really be hell to pay!  This is the second burning tanker on the 60 freeway in the last 2 years.  The last driver parked it under a bridge, too!  (I think it was Fullerton.)  Am I the only one worried that those idiots are out driving around gasoline tankers?  (but hopefully not anymore.)

Seriously; this is some world class stupidity only seen previously in Rick Neweasel game plans, or in the confidence that bruin faithful have in their unknown new coach.  I love how the bruins, in their cluelessness, have tried to copy the Trojans here.  They say “Well, nobody thought Pete Carroll was any good when he was hired – look what he did.  Nobody thinks our coach is any good now; so we better start printing up the 3-peat shirts!”  Geez, bruins; I really was right when, after than beautiful 50-0 ass whipping, I said that you haven’t yet begun to sink!  The difference there is that Pete Carroll had Trojans to work with.  Not even Norm Chow could stir up any life from your offense – and this new guy has to work his way through years of poor recruiting!

The good news for Neweasel is…  I hear that a truck driving position is open.

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