Other Noteworthy USC Football Blogs.

Here are some USC Football Blogs that I also read:

This author believes the Trojan Football team needs to maintain “arrogance” in everything it does.  I prefer the term “swagger,” myself.  I think that swagger is earned – like a Trojan fan bragging about our football team or great business school.  Arrogance is more of an aspiration; me acting like a billionaire, or a ucla fan bragging about their “great” football team.  Nevertheless, Zach is on the right track.
Scott Wolf’s Trojan Blog.  (Updated Sept. 11, 2011) – I can no longer recommend any of Scott Wolf’s bullshit. His constant hating on the Trojans, our coaches and our players have forced me to remove him from my recommended list.  He should get a job as a bruin blogger.  His Trojan hatred and butchering of the English Language will make him fit right in.
Michael Lev’s USC Blog for the OC Register.  This is a good place to get some news that’s unspoiled by any “Trojan Hatred.”  Michael writes good, coherent articles; which makes me wonder what he’s doing working for the OC Register.  If he can stand working with all those idiots, he’s gotta be “Trojan tough.”  We’re lucky to have him; given all the other hacks out there who sell themselves as “Trojan reporters.”

3 Responses to Other Noteworthy USC Football Blogs.

  1. carpe says:

    Where are the updates?

  2. Las Vegas says:

    Nice work!

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