My name is Chris Miller.  I graduated from USC in 1998 (Undergraduate Business) and in 2006 (MBA.)  I am a real estate investment advisor, I write columns for Apartment Management Magazine and the Apartment Owners Association News, and I am a USC Trojan football fan.  I live in the Los Angeles suburbs with my wife and daughter.

I am passionate about history, travel, 60’s – early 70’s muscle cars, cycling and USC Football.  This blog’s only about USC Football, though.


2 Responses to About

  1. Edward says:

    I recently stumbled across USC Trojan Football Fan and I’ve been incredibly impressed with how well written the articles are, as well as the in overall wealth of content. The in-depth analyses of USC athletics are fantastic and provide readers with a unique perspective on the current state of the Trojans. I am writing to request permission to every so often reprint an article or two from USC Trojan Football Fan and place it on my new website….

    • chrisuscfan says:

      First off, Edward: Thank you. Everyone else: take notes. That is a great way to get your comments approved and posted – lay on the compliments real thick!

      To answer your question, Edward, No. I looked at your website, and it’s not “USC Centric.” It’s a site that sells memorabilia from scores of other colleges. I don’t work for free. If free labor’s what you’re looking for; check out a ucla blogger. There’s two drawbacks there, though: 1. You’ll have a tough time finding a bruin who can put 2 sentences together in a coherent manner, and 2. Nobody buys ucla crap.

      Good luck with the business, though.

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