ucla is Pathetic

Okay; both this news story and the Lost Angeles Blog have inspired me to put together my own take on the bruins’ situation.

You may have seen the picture of ucla’s players carrying their (former) coach, Rick Neweasel, off the field at the conclusion of practice on Wednesday:

This move is heavy with symbolism.  At a funeral, the deceased is carried from the hearse to the burial spot.  This is definitely a foreshadowing of what the bruins expect on Friday.  Their spirits are already dead from the 50-0 pounding they took on Saturday – losing big tomorrow will just confirm everything.

Additionally, it reminds me of when Rudy was carried off the field after his last Notre Dame home game.  It recognized his pathetic four years of pointless labor towards making it onto the field for one play because everyone just felt so sorry for him.  His team carrying him off the field marked an end to that chapter of his life and the beginning of the next – selling used Buicks in a really cold part of Illinois.  Actually – that’s exactly the Rick Neweasel story, too!

For the record; I do hope that ucla wins tomorrow.  We’ve already proved our point; and I would love to see the Ducks humiliated again in Autzen this season – but I also would like my (ucla grad) gardener to show up on a regular basis.  And we know that ain’t gonna happen…

ucla is also issuing press releases bragging that the NCAA has approved their waiver request to play in a bowl game, despite their losing record.  You may be thinking “Losing record?  I thought they were 6-6?”  You’d be correct.  The bruins, however, are already counting their loss tomorrow.  You’ve gotta be shitting me!  It’s bad enough that they are acknowledging that the game is already lost – but they submitted the request a few days before the game?  (They didn’t merely prepare the paperwork and leave it on someone’s desk until Monday?)  That’s a new low – even for you; bruins.

What should I expect from a school with a fan base that thinks “You USC Rolex-wearing rich boys” is some sort of insult?

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3 Responses to ucla is Pathetic

  1. Max Power says:

    Those wimpy bruins aren’t worthy of calling themselves USC’s Rivals!

  2. chrisuscfan says:

    If I didn’t like hating on the bruins so much, I’d be inclined to agree with you.

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