Game Day.

Okay, so my OJ piece didn’t get published this week; with the holiday and all.  I’m getting ready to watch my Trojans lay a glorious beat down on the university of completely lost assholes today.  I’ll be heading out to campus in a few hours – and will be bringing my bruin bear on a noose.

Just to prove what a joke this whole “Pac-12 championship – without SC” thing is; let’s look at what happened this week.  Utah choked and lost to Colorado – in Utah!  This means that ucla is 2nd place in the Pac 12 right now.  Since that simpleton Larry Scott is keeping USC out of the title game – this means that ucla will go.  As the Pac-12 clarifies: “If USC wins today; they can call themselves ‘1st place in the Pac 12,’ while ucla will be ‘Pac 12 South Champions.'”  Make sense?

I think it’s much funnier than Neweasel thinks his team will actually go to the Rose Bowl by winning out.  What happened to the Rick we all know and love who has kept his job this long by keeping the expectations of bruins’ fans low?

The real poetic justice in all this is that ucla is currently 6-5.  They are currently bowl-eligible; as they will be after the ass-kicking we hand them today leaves them 6-6.  However, since they have snuck into the Pac 12 title game, after they lose that game; they’ll be 6-7 and not bowl eligible – therefore denying some tiny city in New Mexico the chance to watch the bruins play.

Fight on, Trojans!  Don’t allow the game to be close enough that those lousy Pac 12 refs can make a difference!

Yep - this really happened in the Cal vs. Stanford game.

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5 Responses to Game Day.

  1. Sonnie says:

    What do I think about the UCLA vs USC game? BEEP BEEP ER BEEP BEEEEEEEP. There you have. Beeeeep!

  2. Angel says:

    UCLA vs USC on Sat, Nov 26 – – College Football Scoreboard -\n\nUCLA vs USC on Sat, Nov 26\nUCLA : 0\nUSC : 50\nFinal

  3. DemZes says:

    Haha that’s ridiculous. No way

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