USC 40, Washington 17

(A short update.  I’ve been writing my financial article all day – still unfinished – and I’ve got to just get something posted.)

As I’ve said before – the only thing better than beating a rival is blowing them out when they expected to win.  Our team just had it’s way with Washington.  Our punter, Kyle Negrete, had one less rushing yard than UW’s star running back, we got a safety and Marquise Lee eclipsed his receiving production with one spectacular kickoff return.

This whole Penn State thing just keeps getting weirder.  Jerry Sandusky phoned in a TV show and said “Okay; I shouldn’t have showered and played around with those kids.”  And he really “nailed” the answer when Bob asked “are you sexually attracted to young boys?”  (He actually thought about it for a few seconds.)  Now Paterno is announcing “I have lung cancer – but it’s treatable.”  Hmmm… strange timing there, Joe.  You sure you’re not just throwing that out there as a “quit thinking I’m a scumbag and go back to worshiping me as a god” hail Mary?

Way to go, “Choke”lahoma State, by the way!

As for the Oregon game; we played them hard for 3 quarters last year before falling apart in the 4th.  I think we’re a better team this year – we’ll have to see how it goes.  Oh – and as my fellow Trojan blogger at Lost Angeles pointed out – their goofy “O” hand sign means “vagina” in sign language.  I’m just reporting that without comment, there.

Hopefully they'll start blurring those ugly Oregon fans on TV, now.

What I think is most interesting about this article is that Oregon football players are fulfilling their foreign language requirement by taking sign language.  At first I thought – “Yeah, guys: make sure not to take any class that will actually help you make some money in the future.  You’re really going to be glad you took those semesters of sign language when you’re trying to find your way through Paris or Venice.”  (My limited Spanish comprehension at least allows me to decipher a little bit of any romance language.) Then I remembered that these guys are going to college in Eugene, Oregon.  If they don’t play football professionally, they’ll be driving buses anyway – no European vacations there.

I’ve got to get some sleep for tomorrow.  Fight On!

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