USC 42, Colorado 17

This was certainly an eventful week in college football.  Before we relive another glorious Trojan victory; let’s review what else happened.

I’ll start with the elephant in the room – the Penn State debacle.   I would say that this was completely unbelievable, but nobody can make anything like this up.  In case you haven’t heard; a Penn State graduate assistant caught the team’s defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, performing anal sex on a 10 year old boy.  Rather than A. stop the old guy from raping the boy or b. call the police, this graduate assistant ran to his office and called… his dad?  The next day, (no hurry, right), he went and told Joe Paterno.  So Joe; rather than A. call the police or B. at least call Jerry for an explanation, calls the (appropriately named) Penn State athletic director Tim Curley.  Tim Curley; rather than – well, you get the idea – chooses option C. do nothing.

Who, me?

These events all happened in 2002; and make Tressel lying to the NCAA, all the money Reggie got and anything that Rick Neweasel ever did look like mere parking tickets.    I didn’t read the rest of the article because, frankly, I was too disgusted.  I think that Penn State fans will soon get what they have been hoping for – a chance to unload that dinosaur of a coach.

Next up – ucla beat ASU?  What?  How did that happen?  I think this is a great thing for Trojan football.  For one thing – the bruins will probably be dumb enough to renew Neweasel’s contract for several years after this one.  Second – we want the Bruins to be confident going into the game vs. USC.  Hell; it would be great if they were actually favored!  Nothing is sweeter than dealing a huge ass-whipping to a rival school in a game they really expected to win.  (Right, Notre Dame?)

Okay – on to the Colorado game.  First; let’s talk about the ESPN coverage.  For a professionally filmed sports event; I really shouldn’t have to yell “FOCUS!” at the TV every few minutes.  What was the story with that cameraman?  No doubt a ucla film school grad…  Later in the game, the announcers gushed that Colorado was the “only team to start 2 freshman kickers.”  Does anyone proofread that crap before they read it?  Colorado wasn’t even the only football team in the stadium that did that.  (as you recall – both our punter and place-kicker are freshman.)  They also mentioned that “Matt Barkley has been at USC for three years and hasn’t been to a bowl game yet.”  Are they really forgetting about the 2009 Emerald Bowl?  (I think I mentioned it recently.)  It was only two years ago!   I’ve said it before – bring back Petros!

As for the Trojans’ performance Friday; it was spectacular.  Congrats to Matt Barkley for throwing 6 TD passes – a USC record.  (There are a lot of big-time Trojan names that only managed 5 in a game.)  Marquise Lee and Robert Woods each put up 2 TDs and over 120 yards!  We blocked 2 field goals.  We gave up an interception that was returned to our 8 yard line – and held them to a field goal.  Another freshman – Amir Carlisle – had a debut of sorts, and rushed for 90 yards plus 37 receiving.  And how about that Kyle Negrete punt out of bounds at Colorado’s 4 yard line?  Remember what I said about his foot having better accuracy than most QB arms out there?

As for Colorado; they came out with some “secret” black helmets to get their team and fans “pumped up.”  Help me out, here – has a team ever done this and actually won?  (Not against USC, they haven’t.)

We needed to hand out a good whipping like that to get prepared for the big grudge match vs. the Huskies next Saturday.  I can’t wait!

I’ll probably have some more game review later in the week.  It’s Saturday night, and I’m too tired to continue.  Fight On!

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2 Responses to USC 42, Colorado 17

  1. tim napoleon says:

    Great entry Miller. The lack of sleep from 4 hour games starting at 8pm and the baby is adding an angry edge to your posts. Pumped to beat a UCLA team that thinks they belong in the Pac 12 bowl game. If we could make the Bruin Cheerleaders cry by eliminating their bowl chances it would be Christmas early.

  2. chrisuscfan says:

    I hope that fucla does manage to make the Pac 12 championship game, despite the ass-whipping we’re going to hand them. It will just prove what a joke the whole thing is.

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