USC vs. Colorado Preview

First off, I blame Larry Scott – the head of the Pac 12 – for this Friday night game garbage.  Larry is rumored to be pushing USC to have a weekday home game; just like he’s pressuring the rest of the Pac 12 into it.  I hope that Pat Haden and crew resist Scott’s demands and stick to our guns.  Unlike the rest of the Pac 12, (ucla, Cal, Colorado, etc…) us Trojans have shit to do during the week.  We’ve got jobs, companies to run, kids to pick up at school.  Getting over to campus on a Friday evening (or even worse… Thursday) is tough to do for Trojans.  Not so much for your average ucla or Cal fan; who needs to skip “occupy Wall Street” for a few hours, or Colorado fans; who need to leave their grow rooms for a bit.

My beef with Larry Scott doesn’t nearly end there.  That fine against Kiffin was bogus – Lane was stating facts; not opinions.  Additionally – and check the replay on this – T.J. McDonald got suspended for half a game after a vicious shoulder pad to shoulder pad hit?  One that the TV announcers said didn’t even merit a personal foul penalty?  (And anti-USC announcers; at that.)  We get enough of this crap from the NCAA; we don’t need the head of our own conference keeping us down.

The refs didn’t have the benefit of a slow motion replay on this one – but Larry Scott made the wrong call after watching it several times?

As I often say – when you’re the best, you need to deal with the haters.  If that’s USC’s cross to bear; I’ll take it.  It could be worse – ucla’s got a football team that isn’t even tough enough to wear powder blue, UW alumni had to live in Seattle for a few years (where it’s great 2 months of the year; but residents pay for that with 10 months of crappiness), and Stanford has got even uglier women than Cal.  (And THAT’s a bold statement.)

I only really know who Colorado is because I had a former business associate who bought a luxury box at their stadium in Boulder.  (Which he never bothered to visit because the Buffalos had about a 10% winning percentage.)  By the way; he’s a former associate on account of what a huge scumbag he is.  All I really know about the Colorado Buffalos is that they live in Boulder, favor Subarus and Birkenstocks, freeze their asses off every winter, and have a downright awful football team.

A bit of research shows that the Buff’s have only 1 win and 8 losses this season.  That win came vs. a non-conference opponent; Colorado State.  Their team stats are even worse.  Their lead rusher has 113 yards for the season – in 7 games!  Their lead receiver has 488 yards in 6 games – that’s 2 good games for Robert Woods.  The only impressive stats come from their punter; probably on account of all the practice he gets.

For more insight into our opponent; let’s look into the history of the Denver area.  Many vistors to Denver are, as I was, surprised by how flat it is.  Denver is located in a huge plateau right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.  The area was settled in large numbers back when Americans were moving west in covered wagons.  After fighting their way up the eastern side of the Rockies, they reached Denver – and saw the western side of the Rockies.  They said “enough of this” and settled right where they sat.  This means that the Denver area is polluted by what I call the “quitter gene” – passed down through the generations.  ‘Nuff said!

This will be an easy win for us.  Unlike Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin has got his shit together – and doesn’t lose to crappy teams that we’re heavily favored against.  I’ll be parked in front of my TV in a few hours – Fight On!

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4 Responses to USC vs. Colorado Preview

  1. Football Fan says:

    I’ve just found your site on Google. You did a great job

  2. gre says:

    Makes me think of “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

    • chrisuscfan says:

      I just had to approve this. Not only is this one of the oddest spam comments I’ve ever received, but it also contains about the dumbest quotes ever cited. It really paraphrases as “Keep throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.”

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