Beat The Farm Game Preview

I am tired from an epic writing session in which I’ve completed my December article for Apartment Management Magazine in record time!  I think it’s pretty good, too.  It better be – I spent 2 weeks trying to think of a topic.

I’m going to go with a bullet pointed list here to get you all the facts in a nice little package.

We’ve got a great chance of beating Stanford because:

  • Remember last year.  If not for some shady time clock antics, a questionable personal foul penalty and our defense just letting them march down the field – we would have left the farm with a W.  Harbaugh would still be sending out resumes, and nobody in the country would be watching football games and thinking “When are they going to shut the hell up about this Luck guy?”
  • The Trojan faithful believe.  Even Trojan hater Scott Wolf has noted that only 1,000 seats remain open in the Coliseum for Saturday.
  • The “Every Dog has it’s day” saying certainly applies to the Cardinal.  They’ve gone from being “the one team Washington State has a chance to beat” every year to bowl games every year.  We know this isn’t going to last.
  • Andrew Luck has already been anointed the “#1 draft pick” and “2011 Heisman winner;” but let’s be realistic here.  Surely I’m not the only one who notices that the “best quarterback” every year often never amounts to shit?  Rick Mirer, Ryan Leaf, David Carr, JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young?  For all the whining that NFL coaches do about money; they really never hesitate to give 8 figures guaranteed to a guy who will probably never amount to anything.  Hopefully he’ll drink his own kool-aid and think that he’s Joe Montana.
  • Stanford hasn’t had an especially impressive schedule yet this season – San Jose State, Duke, ucla?  I thought Duke was more of a “lacrosse school.” (Whatever that means.)  Sure – they beat #22 Washington: but these rankings really don’t mean squat.  We’re ranked higher than Arizona State, after all; and they beat us!  Stanford #5?  Almost as ridiculous as Oklahoma #1.  (We all know how that ends – every time it happens!)
  • Their mascot is a tree!  A tree!

Trojan challenges we’ll be up against:

  • Our kicker – Heidari – is out after a cowardly domer stepped on his ankle last week.  I’m not sure that we have another field goal kicker.
  • Robert Woods is questionable.

I smell upset, Trojan fans.  Let’s get that Heisman talk away from that goofy looking Farm player, and on to “Barkley or Woods” where it belongs.  Fight On!

I've said this before: If growing an Amish beard makes you look LESS goofy; then something is wrong!



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One Response to Beat The Farm Game Preview

  1. Gerry says:

    Good page and very enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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