USC 31, Notre Dame 17

That game was so great that it’s getting an instant review.  I was a bit nervous coming into this game; I’ll have to admit.  Notre Dame always sucks – but I felt that this game could go either way.  Nothing feels better than winning a game like that!

Okay – the one thing that feels better than winning like that is… Winning a game like that BIG!  Notre Dame had 43 yards rushing!  The “domers” turned the ball over 3 times and, more importantly, we put up touchdowns after two of those.  (We would have put 7 up the last time around, but Kiffin just wanted to watch their defense panting out there on the field as he ran the clock down.)

I think this little blurb from Yahoo Sports says it all:

Top Performer? AHHAHAHAHAHA!

Key points from this game:

  • The Irish have “new helmets.”  Really?  They painted their helmets a different shade of gold and that’s news?  And it took them a full year to “find the right shade of gold.”  To top it all off, their helmets feature “real gold dust.”  What kind of wimpy crap is that?  Hopefully they won’t use that as the excuse for why their team pranced around on the field like sissies all night.
  • Watching the game on NBC was a refreshing break from that garbage ESPN produces.  These guys actually know football!
  • Notre Dame’s three quarterbacks couldn’t match Barkley’s offensive output.  (224 yards passing and 19 yards rushing.)
  • Speaking of three quarterbacks – none other that Lou Holtz once said, of quarterbacking by committee; “If you’ve got two quarterbacks; that means you’ve got no quarterback.”
  • While we’re talking about Barkley; he out gained all but one Irish rusher. (Their “Player of the Game” noted above.)
  • Did anyone catch the sad-looking priest following the Notre Dame players back into their locker room?  No doubt to read last rites to their dignity!

I didn’t write a Notre Dame game preview because I was still shaking off a lot of the “slack” from my beginning-of-the-week Vegas trip.  Fortunately, my defamation of the Fighting Irish last year was fairly complete.  Thank you, Trojans, for a great game and helping me out of a “jam.”  Now that I think about it, though, I showed some subconscious swagger there.  My mind expected the Trojans to win; so it allowed me to blow off writing the game preview.  A review of an ass-kicking makes a preview unnecessary!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday night – I’ll probably have some more thoughts later.

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