USC 30, Cal 9

Another great win over the Bears!  Towards the end of the game, it was great to see the camera pan over all those disappointed (and very ugly) Cal students.  Actually; I was surprised the game happened at all.  As a friend of mine pointed out – all the Cal football players were expected at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Those 3 interceptions and two fumble recoveries were great!  Cal will call those “mistakes that lost us the game.”  I call them “mistakes made by a desperate and out-matched team.”  Here’s a tip, Call coaches; if you’re going to have the punter run it on 4th and 9, try to sneak in someone who can actually run.  That was like watching major league baseball players run!  (Which is like watching a 300 pounder chase an ice cream truck – it’s almost like slow motion.)

I think I’ve said it before – ESPN has the worst football announcers in the business!  Really – for an “all sports” network, you really think they’d find someone who knows their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to football.  They’ve spent all their cash on Lou Holtz, (who looks like a strange cross between Mr. Burns and Donald Trump), and filled out their roster with a bunch of chumps who’ll work for peanuts.  The announcers would not shut the hell up about Andrew Luck.  Really – if a guy isn’t in the stadium, I don’t want to hear the broadcasters gush about their man-crushes on a guy who isn’t even in the damn stadium!  Bring Petros out there, damnit!

My game review is late this week because I left for Las Vegas on Sunday for a work-related conference.  So I’ve been eating $80 steaks on someone else’s dime all week; and haven’t had much time for writing.  While watching TV at the Mirage, I saw a commercial for breast enlargements on network TV!  Speaking of breast enlargements, I think Daniel Tosh is the authority on these.  Stay classy, Vegas!

Speaking of staying classy; these two stories have caught my attention:

  1. After a high school, destroyed by a tornado, rebuilds; they get a threatening letter from Notre Dame.
  2. Miami player punches a UNC player when he’s down – and below the belt.

I’ll have a Notre Dame preview up shortly – stay tuned, and Fight On!

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