Cal Game Preview

I can’t believe that the Cal game is almost upon us.  A Thursday game is a bummer to all of us in the “real world;” but I think it will be great for SC students that are heading up for the weekender.  As I mentioned last year; the weekender is not for going to the game – it’s for sitting in a bar and partying while watching the Trojans kick some Cal Bear or Stanford Nerd ass.  (Depending on the year.)

Even though the game is in AT&T Park, and this will probably be my only chance to visit that stadium, I’d still pass on the live viewing and stick with tradition.  Although I try to make it to San Francisco at least once a year on vacation; there’s no way I’ll waste 7 hours of prime vacation time by watching a baseball game.  Hell, I never even saw a USC baseball game while I was a student there – and you could buy beer with your discretionary card there!  Although things may have been different had I known that was the case…  And – if you’re not an SC alum; or you’re younger and they don’t have it anymore, discretionary was a sort of USC debit card.  You call your dad and say “put some money on my discretionary card for food,” then you spend it all on cigarettes and pitchers at Traddy’s.  (As for food – that’s why fraternity houses hire cooks.)

As for why I think this Thursday game will be better for students: an extra-long weekend in the Bay Area!  That’s one (of at least 2 or 3) of the benefits you get from joining a fraternity – free lodging at your local house while on the road.  It’s kind of like family – even though those distant “brothers” from 500 miles away hate your guts: it just wouldn’t be right to turn you away.  The trick is: don’t ask if you can stay; demand it.  Just parking your car on their lawn, walking in the front door, and saying “I know Brice and Eddie: where can I put my stuff, and who’s going to beer me?” will do it.  Don’t give them an opportunity to say no!

Here is last year’s Weekender Survival Guide.  Read this in addition to the article above, and you’ll be ready!  To think of all the trouble I would have gotten into if the weekender were 4 nights!  Wow….

As for our chances on the Cal game; I think we’ll come away with a good, solid “W” over another loathed Bay Area team.  Cal’s last three games involve losses to Washington and Oregon, and a win over some team called “Presbyterian.”  I’ve checked Presbyterian 1-3 in their other games; all against teams I haven’t heard of, either.  Better yet; their team name is the “Blue Hose.”  It’s just hard to fear a team (Cal) who would even schedule a game against the Blue Hose.  Oh: and Cal’s best cornerback – the guy who would cover Robert Woods – is injured; so they are playing a freshman.  I sense another big game for Robert.

All That Counts Is The Scoreboard!

Sneak out of the office early tomorrow: the game starts at 6PM.  Fight on!

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5 Responses to Cal Game Preview

  1. Darryl says:

    Beat the Bears!

  2. Lari says:

    Another great whipping of the Bears! Ha!

  3. Warren Hoeg says:

    Hello Web Admin, I noticed that your On-Page SEO is not that great…

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