Bye Week Update

I’ve been sick with a really nasty cold all week; so I’ve been reading a lot of news online.  Although, as a Trojan and a business owner, I have managed to get some deals together; it hasn’t been a real productive week.  Here are some of the headlines:

Steve Jobs died this week.  I don’t know who this Steve Jobs guy is.  Based on the people who are mourning his death; he was probably one of the Star Trek actors.  In all seriousness; my first computer, (bought sometime in the mid 80’s for about half the price of a new car), was a Macintosh.  I was still using that dinosaur, equipped with a 20 MB hard drive and a dot-matrix printer, until at least my 1st year at SC.  After that; I switched to the computer labs for a couple of years before “growing up” and buying a PC.  That 80’s Mac would be the last Apple product I would own.  A business school friend of mine, by the way, famously stated that “Steve Jobs’ greatest accomplishment was to get people to pay $350 for a $20 bundle of chips – and get them to stand in line to do so; smiling the whole time!”

"In death, I only regret that I didn't steal more money."

Early this morning, I heard the news that Al Davis died.  I’m sure there are at least 2 people out there who are crushed.  I thought that Lane Kiffin showed some serious Trojan class with his official statement.   What surprised me about all that news was the revelation that Al Davis lived in Oakland.  Really?  Sure – the hills up there are nice; but that’s where a guy with tons of money would choose to settle in the Bay Area?  I think that little detail there hinted at Al’s diminished mental capacity.  Hell; just the $10 million that he stole from Irwindale could have set him up pretty well in San Francisco. (I’d have gone for a $5 million place in the city and a $5 million compound in somewhere like Danville, myself.)

It’s fitting that this post has wandered into discussing the Bay Area; we’ll be playing Cal next weekend.  Rumor is (I haven’t bothered to check) that the game will be played AT&T Park in San Francisco.  Trojan fans will remember this place at the site of the whipping we handed to Boston College in the 2009 Emerald Bowl.  What puzzles me the most about this is; Candlestick Park and the Oakland Coliseum are actual football fields.  I think it’s fitting that Cal, while wasting a mountain of taxpayer dollars on their old train wreck of a stadium, chose a baseball field with limited seating over a larger stadium.  It’s not like anyone wants to see the Bears, right?

Enjoy your weekend off, and Fight On!

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6 Responses to Bye Week Update

  1. Satellite says:

    All my Al Davis bashin dis year…..I feel like Da Fresh Prince when he told George Jefferson “I wish you would drop dead”

    • chrisuscfan says:

      It’s great to see that some ucla alumni have made it to the blog. Now – why haven’t you mowed my lawn for a few weeks? My backyard’s looking like a damn jungle!

  2. Edmundo Blasko says:

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    • chrisuscfan says:

      Welcome, spammer. I didn’t read the rest of your message, since it’s seems to be written in “boring computer geek.” You’ll notice that my page won’t show up with keywords like “The Trojans suck” or “fire Lane Kiffin.” This is because anyone who would utter such a phrase is not welcome here. That’s right, haters – you can’t even read my blog.

      While I’m at it – you’re banned, too Edmundo – if THAT’s your real name!

  3. Some Spammer says:

    Hey! Pretty good blogpost, but a few link to sources would be helpful. Cheers.

    • chrisuscfan says:

      Seriously, spammer – do you really think I’ll approve your post and grant free advertizing to that bullshit site of yours if you’re bad-mouthing my site? It’s called Google, dickhead – use it!

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