USC 48, U of A 41

USC gave a great performance on Saturday.  Kiffin and company wasn’t satisfied with the spectacular stats our offence put up in the first half (I think Barkley threw for 250 yards and Woods had caught 187 – at halftime,) so they had the defense lie down so we wouldn’t be branded “bad sports” for letting our offense continue to rack up the yards.

And rack up the yards, we did.  We didn’t do too much rushing; with the exception of Curtis McNeal’s nice 44 yarder, but we had two receivers put up monster stats – Robert Woods with 255 and Marquise Lee with 144.  Heidari kicked another 46 yarder like it was nothing, and Matt Kalil blocked another extra point – because that’s what he does.

The search term "Crybaby Stoops" yields and unbelievable bounty of results!

Despite us coming away with the “W,” Trojan haters like Scott Wolf continue to heap scorn on our team.  Wolf’s “stat of the week” is that no Trojan team had ever given up 40 points two games in a row.  My position on this is “it doesn’t matter if we get the “W.”  For example: In 1947, the Trojans ended the regular season by losing to Notre Dame 7-38, then got blown out by Michigan in the Rose Bowl 0-49!  Although Wolf would say “at least Notre Dame didn’t score 40;” he’s only say that because he’s an idiot.  Our last two games were substantially better than our last in the 1947 season.

Note that, prior to that Notre Dame debacle in ’47; we took care of the Bruins 6-0.  By the way – 1947 was so long ago that the next season, the Trojans traveled by airplane to a game (vs. Oregon) for the first time ever.  Curiously enough, we evidently did not travel by plane two weeks earlier to play Ohio State in Columbus.

Back to the present:  Lane Kiffin is destined to lead our Trojans to glory.  Help me shout down the haters so he can get back to work.

Fight On!

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3 Responses to USC 48, U of A 41

  1. Loyal UofA Fan says:

    At least we’ve got hotter women, and our school isn’t named after a condom!

    • chrisuscfan says:

      Your hotter women claim is false. Remember; I’ve been to U of A’s campus!

      As for your second claim, as I’ve said before (or as I should have,) USC earned the “Trojans” nickname in 1912. Trojans condoms were first manufactured in 1920. I think it’s obvious that the condom was named after us!

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