USC 22, Arizona State 43

I took a couple of days off before writing this update; I wanted to give these thoughts some time to come together.  Also; I wanted to wait for some new thoughts/stories to develop.  For instance:

What is it with all these rich and famous people being thrown off Southwest flights?  Don’t rich and famous people get to avoid shitty experiences like flying coach?  Really – even I will gladly pay an extra hundred bucks or so to avoid that airline.  Hell, I may even continue flying first class on American:  I was wearing old jeans and a t-shirt; and they kept calling me “Mr. Miller.”  As long as you can afford the ticket; I don’t think you can be too fat (Kevin Smith), sloppy (the Green Day guy), or gay (that actress from recently) for American.

As a disclaimer: I didn’t watch most of the game.  My daughter had her 1st birthday party on Saturday.  As a good Trojan fan; I scheduled the party for noon, knowing that kickoff was at 7:15 PM.  I failed, however, to account for cleanup duties – meaning I didn’t get home until the 4th quarter.  That wasn’t the best part of the game.

I should be able to write a good summary, though.  As I have said before, I’m convinced that (with the exception of Michael Lev – who knows his stuff) none of the OC Register football writers ever watch the games they review.  Or any football games for that matter – ever.  Their articles are basically poorly written summaries of other poorly written articles.

On to the game:

The Bad

I don’t blame losses on bad officiating; we should win by enough to compensate for it – refs will always hate on the Trojans.  Some of those calls were beyond poor, however.  TJ McDonald getting flagged for a late hit when he clearly hit the guy in bounds?  How can you call pass interference when the ball is thrown to a point 5 feet out of bounds?  (Because that’s where the guy caught it.)

Like I said; I don’t blame the refs.  The other “Bad” really just consists of stupid mistakes.  Some really poor tackling during, I think, that long AZ State TD run in the 1st quarter.  Oh yeah; I think those 4 turnovers had something to do with it, too.

I think that interceptions will happen; but that second one was Barkley’s “bad.”  If the play isn’t working out, you need to throw the ball away.  If you can’t throw it away, then hold onto it as you go down.  Barkley’s fumble shouldn’t have happened, either, because he should not have stood in the pocket for as long as he did.  It was a credit to our O line that he had 7 or 8 seconds to stand there; but he should have thrown the ball away before he fumbled.  That’s okay, though.  I’m not blaming Matt (or anyone) on our team for this.

The Ugly

The ugly are the so-called USC “fans” who want to blame this all on Barkley or, the more popular choice; Kiffin.  We lost this game due to stupid mistakes.  Mistakes like that do happen; but they surely can’t be Kiffin’s fault!

The Good

The good is our players; we’ve got a great squad!  Marc Tyler covered 149 years on 22 carries; which is good enough that I’ll forgive him for coughing up the ball in the third quarter.  Robert Woods has another great game; with 131 yards of receiving.  Marquis Lee saw some good action, too.  Andre Heidari once again proved that having a kicker on scholarship is a necessity.

The good is that we still showed up as a great team.  We were still in that game with 7 minutes left.  If you take away one of those dumb mistakes listed up there, I think we walk out of there with a “W.”  I’ve been an SC fan for long enough that I’ve seen plenty of great Trojan teams lose to dogshit opponents due to stupid mistakes.  (Stanford, Cal, ucla, Washington, Oregon State.)  The Sun Devils played a good game and deserved their “W.”  The good news is that those stupid mistakes can be fixed.  It’s not like the Sun Devils just ran all over us on Saturday.  We played well – well enough to win.  I can’t wait to see us take our revenge out of the “other Arizona team” on Saturday.

Fight on!

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