USC 38, Syracuse 17 AND Arizona State Game Preview

I haven’t had any time to write for the blog this week, but wanted to get this material up here before the game tomorrow.  Nothing irritates me more than finding a great blog; then noticing that the author updated it daily until he/she chose to ignore it completely sometime in 2009.  Kind of like Stuff White People Like.

Even the Hanzi Smatter guy is lagging; and that’s a pretty easy deal.  All he has to do is post a shot of some douche with an asian-language tattoo and write a couple of lines about it.  The best part about that blog is the just-below-the-surface blatant racism that permeates each of his comments.  They’re all along the lines of “look what that stupid round-eye is doing.”  There’s just something hilarious about a guy saying “Have more respect for my Chinese heritage you fucking white devil!”

Completely on-topic, (that is – the topics of blogs that don’t get updated and racism that’s funny,) I currently like I’m Not Racist, But…  It’s another website where he gets people to submit his material; and still can’t get off his ass to post it.

Now… on to the Syracuse game!

This was a great game all-around.  We got to see a Trojan team dominate an opponent and saw Barkley toss 5 touchdown passes.  A couple of new names hit the highlight pages; Curtis McNeal led the Trojans with 79 yards rushing, and Marquise Lee had a spectacular catch for a touchdown.  (A guy that catches it when he’s wide open!  Where was he against Notre Dame last year?)  To top it all off; nobody showed up in the area around my seats again – this not having to get up so people can get snacks for the 4th time is great!  I can’t get too spoiled; though.  With all the Southern California (the region – not our school) bandwagon fans out there; the stands will be full again when the Trojans keep kicking ass.  And, mark my words; that time is coming soon!

A couple of “how did I forget about that?” highlights from the game:

Towards the end of the game; we coughed up a fumble, then recovered a fumble a few plays later.  The ref announced that “South Carolina recovered,” and was met with at least 50,000 boos.  This apparently didn’t indicate anything to him – as he repeated the same mistake a few minutes later.  During the last series, the new TV screen showed a shot of Kiffin talking to a player.  The Coliseum’s sound system played the following:  “Okay – we’re up by a lot, so no bullshit, allright?” That’s what I’m saying – we should have kept trying for that 6th TD pass!

Arizona State Preview

I think I savaged ASU sufficiently enough last year that I can point my readers back there for some key points.  After my “ASU Game Preview” and the “We kicked Arizona State’s Ass Review” went up; the site started getting tons of traffic.  I checked the Google search terms that led folks to those pages; and it was mostly phrases like “diploma mill” or “buy a degree.”  ‘Nuff Said!

Well; I’m not done yet.  Daniel Tosh filmed the worst episode of his show ever on ASU’s campus; and it aired this week.  I think the highlight of that show was Tosh doing a joke about a sorority; then the cameraman zooming in on that house’s members standing up and high-fiving each other.  “We’re all whores – Eff Yeah!!!”

I hear that ASU has retired their creepy looking mascot, Sparky.  I’m a little interested in what his replacement will be.  Probably something that symbolizes ASU.  Something that just makes you picture the campus in your mind.  Perhaps an endless expanse of sand, a meth-lab or a cat running around on fire from the oppressive heat.  I’m rooting for that last one because I’ve got to admit; it sounds pretty cool.

It's back to scaring kids at the Chuck E. Cheese for you, Sparky!

Fight On!

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4 Responses to USC 38, Syracuse 17 AND Arizona State Game Preview

  1. Macau says:

    I’ll immediately grab your rss feed as I can’t in finding your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

    • chrisuscfan says:

      Worst spam ever. I am glad to see that you took a break from your job in Nigeria writing scam e-mails in order to read about the Trojans. That’s a good sign, at least.

  2. Acron says:

    I love your Blog, it’s nice when you can tell somebody actually puts effort into a blog, and gives the blogs value.

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