Syracuse Game Preview

Okay; after doing some research to find out who the hell Syracuse is – I’ve learned that their team name is the “Orangemen.”  We have a new winner for “wimpiest team name;” they managed to knock the former Hawaii Rainbow Warriors off the #1 spot.  (Because at least Hawaii had “warriors” in their name.)

Really? THAT'S your mascot? Yeah - don't bother putting any effort into it!

Hold up a minute; I just learned that Syracuse changed their team name to simply “Orange” in 2004.  They made it even worse – it looks like they are working hard to solidify that #1 spot.  Note too that their school’s name is often shortened to ‘Cuse.  You know – like EXCUSE.

Coming into this game, Syracuse is 2-0 – fresh off of wins over powerhouses Wake Forest and Rhode Island.  This will probably be a closer than expected game – My personal theory is that Kiffin is giving the team “Game is on the line” experience.  A smart move; really.  You don’t get that experience by blowing out crappy teams.  That’s how “BCS buster” teams like TCU and Boise State beat the hell out of crappy teams all season – then get their ass handed to them in a game that counts.

Way to show some swagger, Kiffin!  Fight On – and I’ll see you at the game!

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2 Responses to Syracuse Game Preview

  1. Andre says:

    I like your “Game is on the line” theory. That explains some things…

  2. Carl says:

    I don’t know – Rainbow Warriors is a pretty dumb name…

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