USC 23, Utah 14

What a game!  I had to take an extra day to let the glory of Saturday’s events sink in.  I’m really glad that I posted a video recap of that last play – I’ve watched it at least a dozen times.

As I said recently, that field goal block will go down in history with Reggie Bush’s “The Stop” play and our “Bomb into the end zone vs. ucla to expand the blowout.”  Those two fumbles were worth it in the end – we all got to see our Trojan defense step up and preserve a win for us.

You may have noticed that the Daily News’ Scott Wolf has been removed from my list of “Other Noteworthy USC Blogs.”  I just can’t read anymore of that guy’s crap.  Scott claims to be a Trojan fan; but uses all of his energy to badmouth our players and coaches, minimize their accomplishments and attempt (because nobody can successfully do it) to take some of the shine off our legendary football program.  I will tolerate a lack of football knowledge from people like my wife – or maybe guys who just aren’t football fans.  Scott is allegedly a professional sports journalist, however, so he really should have his shit together a little better.  I’m not even going to list examples – it will just piss me off further.

Back to the good stuff – Robert Woods had another great game; and Utah managed to commit two penalties against him on the same play.  Roughing the passer and an Unsportsmanlike conduct!   You stay classy, Utah!  Marc Tyler put together a great running game; so that whole ugly TMZ thing is forgotten.

Our place kicker, Freshman Andre Heidari, even got to show his stuff with that 47 yard kick.  He made another long one that was wiped out by a false start penalty – I thought we should have let him kick again – he could have made it from 5 more yards out; I think.

While attending the game, I was struck by how overly friendly all the Utah fans were.  I didn’t see any fights at all on Saturday; and only had to suffer through the guys 3 rows in front of me doing that stupid “U hand sign” for Utah.

When they left after that failed 4th down conversion, (before the refs made it a successful 4th down conversion,) we got to return the same goofy sign to them while chanting U SC!  Also – nobody within 10 seats of me showed up to this game.  The people between us and the aisle were missing; the group to my right was missing; my “co-season ticket holders” in front of me were gone and the obnoxious kids behind me were no-shows as well.  It was great!  When I make my fortune; in addition to amassing a bad ass muscle car collection – I’m not going to move down to the 50 yard line – I’m just going to buy all the seats around me so I’ve got some space at these games.  That’ll be sweet!

So – we beat the Utah Utes in humiliating fashion.  A great start to decades of Trojan Pac-12 dominance!  By the way – what the hell is a Ute?

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