Minnesota Game Recap Teaser

The what?  Well – I haven’t had a chance to watch the game yet.  I spent Saturday watching Andre get married in style, Sunday hanging out in “LA proper,” and I’m spending today grilling. (It’s usually not really BBQing – for you purists out there.)

I did happen to be at a restaurant on Saturday where I caught the last 2 minutes of the game.  I was a bit surprised that Kiffin chose to punt from Gopher territory on 4th and 4; but I was looking forward to seeing if our 2-minute defense has improved.  I’m not sure if our defense was properly tested, though – it was pretty obvious that Minnesota had no 2-minute offence to speak of.    Watching Minnesota use most of the play clock between 1:50 and about 1:30 reminded me of that Washington game years ago at the Coliseum where the Huskies had a chance to win the game – but didn’t bother to snap the ball before the clock hit zero.  I was in the restaurant asking “They know there’s only 2 minutes left in the game, right?”

It may not have been the blowout we were looking for – but a W is always a W.

In other news – LSU came through for me on probably the only time I’ll ever root for them, ucla got beat by mighty Houston and the University of South Florida (not one of the 3 Florida teams you’ve heard of) beat Notre Dame in South Bend!  A perfect weekend!  By the way, the title of this Notre Dame recap pretty much says it all.

Fight on!  I’ll take a look at the game tonight and have some more thoughts…

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