USC vs. Minnesota Preview

I didn’t get a lot of blogging work done in August due to my vacation in Florida.  I had a great time forgetting about work.  In fact, I did such a great job forgetting about work that I left my damn laptop in a hotel in Orlando.

I splurged and flew first class on the way home.  Since my readers are Trojan fans; the majority of them will likely someday fly first class.  If you haven’t yet – it’s great!  Flying first class is completely different from the constant kick-in-the-balls that coach is.  (Particularly if you’re over 6 feet tall – as I am.)  We enjoyed appetizers, free beverages, great food (Oreo cookie ice cream and fresh-from-the-oven cookies.)  To top it all off; each of the stewardesses (the 12 people in first class have 2 stewardesses all to themselves), came to me personally towards the end of the flight and said “Thank you very much for flying with us, Mr. Miller.”  A big step up from the last time I flew Delta, they lost my bag, and told me “tough shit – we’re not giving you your $25 bag fee back.”

Once I got back into the office, I had to get my laptop back from Orlando, get caught up on work and write my monthly real estate article.  The real estate one pays considerably better than this blog does – so that came first.

Anyway, on to the game.  I just can’t get over the fact that a ream would name themselves the “Gophers.”  Apparently, years later, they realized what a crappy name that was and added “Golden” to the front.  Like calling something “Golden” makes it better or something – like the “Golden Turds.”  It certainly didn’t work for the Cal Golden Bears!

The “Golden Turds” will be trying to improve on last year’s 3-9 record with the leadership of new coach Jerry Kill.  (Really?  What kind of hillbilly name is that?)  That 3-9 record, by the way, includes a 24-17 win over powerhouse Middle Tennessee, and a heartbreaking home loss to South Dakota.  (I was surprised that South Dakota had enough residents to field a football team – some people must have played offense and defense, and it was probably hard to find a burger joint open in Pierre that day.)

In short – we’re going to make an example of the Golden Turds tomorrow.  I wish I could be there; but my old buddy Andre is getting married.  Since he’s not a Trojan fan – I’ll excuse him for picking a game day to “walk the plank.”  Since Andre’s from Argentina; he prefers sports that involve bloodshed – like bullfighting or soccer.  (Not from those sissies prancing around during the games – from the riots afterwards.)

My big question for tomorrow isn’t who will win the USC game – obviously the Trojans.  My question is – who’s going to win the “under the shadow of sactions” bowl between Oregon and LSU?  Better yet – who does Will Lyles have his money on?

Fight on!  I’ll be catching the game on TiVo late tomorrow night!

I can smell the excitement in the air and taste the Derrick's Turkey Dogs!

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