The Blog’s Most Popular Search Engine Terms

I have been threatening to do an article on this for a few months now, and it’s finally here!  WordPress is kind enough to keep track of all the search terms that leads readers to my site.  (If you Google “Best USC Trojan Blogger,” it will lead you to me and count it in my results.)

bruin football was a joke 80 years ago, too!

Here are my favorites in a few categories:

1. Searches related to the Waite Phillips Hall Public Sex Scandal.

Whoever said “sex sells” wasn’t kidding.  People from all over the world were searching for info on this.

2. Norm Chow

Norm is still a draw for football fans.  And why not?  He’s the second-best offensive mind in the college football game.  Right after #1, Lane Kiffin, naturally.  After all; Pete Carroll himself demoted Chow to make Kiffin our offensive coordinator for the 2005 season.

3. “Ugly bruins fans.”

This exact phrase was used in a surprising number of searches.  If your project calls for an “ugly person picture,” I guess that’s the best way to find it.

4. “Fat bruins fan”

Speaks for itself.

5. Royal wedding – the queen dressed like “The Mask.

This was another good draw.  Best of all; I just swiped that picture from someone else – and didn’t have to sit through any of that footage.

Surprising Terms:

1. “Bruin Killing a Trojan”

This one was used once.  I’m sure it’s happened – something like a bruin negligently operating a carnival ride or something…

2. “Is it okay to follow the nfl, but not college football?”

Since you’re asking my opinion; it is “NO!”  It should be done the opposite way.

3. “ugly guy wearing a Notre Dame hat”

The secret to successful searches is “be specific.”  You don’t want just an “ugly guy;” he needs to be morbidly obese, profoundly dimwitted, very pale, etc…

4. “2005 Notre Dame cheerleaders.”

See my advice above in #3.  I guess; if you’re looking for ugly women – that’s a good way to go.

Just weird:

1. “Amazing ass”

That one was WAY off.  Unless he was looking for some bruin fans; who are AMAZING at making ASSES of themselves.

2. “Trojan hater”

This one definitely led him to the wrong spot, too.  We’re “pro-trojan; all the time”  Suck it, haters!

So – that’s my update for this week; the blog equivalent of a “clip show.”  I watched “Lane Kiffin Weekly” on my Tivo last night – the Spring practice wrap-up – and I can’t wait for the season to start.  Fight on!

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