More Reasons Why We Can’t Pay Players and – Trojans – Try Not To Sound Like Idiots in Interviews!

I’m going to start out with a big gripe that I’ve had for a few years now.  Can we get a “public speaking” course for our student athletes?  It’s really a win-win situation for all of them – the 99.5% of student athletes that will need to get real jobs after graduation will be the well-spoken Trojans that they should be.  And the few that become professional athletes won’t make us look bad on TV.   Louisiana State doesn’t exactly have a stellar academic reputation; but hearing Shaquille O’Neil give an interview certainly doesn’t help.

Here’s Matt Leinart – one of college football’s greatest quarterbacks – doing one of the worst interviews in history.

July 16, 2011 edit:  It appears that the original video was judged as “content too poor for appearance on the Internet.”  (I’m really not exaggerating.)  If you really must see it, search for “Leinart ESPN Phone Interview USC Sanctions.”  You may luck out and not find it.

When Darnell Bing declared for the draft early, he gave such a poor interview that I still remember it 5 years later.  Fortunately, (for you – my readers), I wasn’t able to find a copy.  Although if you watched any of that Leinart clip; you definitely wouldn’t spend any time on Darnell.

Here’s Mark Sanchez showing how it’s done at 1:04.  (Also a great recap of the Trojan’s 2008 stomping of Ohio State.)

So – Trojan football players – Help us out.  Learn how to speak during interviews, and leave the stammering, (uh… y’know.. know whatI’msayin’,) to the bruins.

We can’t pay college players – part II.

Follow This Link to USA Today Chart.

The attached chart is from USA Today – which is to “good journalism” like any of those asshole political commentators, (Olbermann, Stewart, Beck, etc…) are to “presenting unbiased facts.”  I have no reason to distrust this report, however.

See – my “most athletic departments don’t make money” statement from a few weeks ago wasn’t just blowing wind – it’s true.  The attached link lists all the major collegiate athletic programs – and the subsidies that their athletic programs required to stay solvent.  Some highlights:

  • 10 of the Pac 12 teams received subsidies to keep their athletic programs afloat.  Yes – Oregon too.  USC’s program IS self-supporting, but I have a hard time believing that Stanford’s is.  Most likely, it is not – but they’re a private school, so it’s no money out of my pocket.  (Unlike ucla.)
  • Auburn, Alabama, Florida all received subsidies.
  • Texas, the so-called “most profitable team in the U.S.,” received a $1.8 million subsidy in 2006 – the year after they won the championship – and when their coffers were fat from sales of merchandise to bandwagon fans.

So – if most athletic departments are requiring subsidies to stay afloat, the “they are making millions off us” argument just doesn’t hold water.  Athletes – you know the arrangement going into college.  If you don’t like it – pay your own way through school and become a politician, lawyer, or journalist.  That way, you can put your skill at selling bullshit to work.  ‘Nuff said!

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