A Trojan in D.C.

I was walking down 7th Street in Washington D.C. on Saturday, on my way from the National Portrait Gallery to a restaurant for some – surprisingly bad – “Texas BBQ,” when I met a fellow Trojan.  See – I was wearing my USC hat, and a passerby started a conversation about our alma mater.  He said “I don’t meet too many Trojans here in D.C.”  I think I’ve found what’s wrong with our country!

This would have been a great picture if they hadn't bulldozed the reflecting pool. Screwed by the government again...

Since I returned to town yesterday, I’m short on time and long on things to write about.  I’ll have to be brief.  Here are the recent headlines:

  • Terrelle Pryor announces he will not return to Ohio State for his senior year.  Something tells me that – where there’s smoke, there’s a China Syndrome bubbling.
  • The BCS vacates USC’s 2004 title.  We’ve still got the 2004 AP National Championship.  Plus – as I’ve always said – everyone will remember the truly legendary ass-kicking that we handed Oklahoma.  My favorite part was the empty stands – since Sooner fans started leaving after half-time!
  • An Oregon player is arrested for driving 118 mph on a suspended license – in a “borrowed” car.
  • Marc Tyler is awaiting potential punishment after an Office of Student Judicial Affairs hearing – involving “two alleged recent off-campus incidents involving alcohol and female students.”  I sure don’t like the sound of that!

Football season is just around the corner – I can taste the Turkey Dogs already!

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