NCAA Is A Joke, and Who Cares About The NFL?

NFL Draft – I don’t care

     First off, I promised an update on the NFL draft.  After much thought, I have decided that I’m not going to write one – because I simply don’t care.  I am a USC Trojan football fan; I follow Trojan football and ignore the NFL.  I do this for a few reasons:

  1. Once you graduate from college; you’re stuck with your team.  If you were foolish enough to graduate from ucla, you’re stuck wearing that girly powder blue for life!  In the NFL, fans seem to latch on to the Superbowl favorite in early January; and display those stickers on their SUVs with pride until the next January.
  2. College football is much more exciting.  If you lose a game, your quest for the national title is pretty much over.  Plus, college football is basically a 4-year tryout for the NFL; these players go all out to get noticed.  Unlike pro players – who get a little soft after those fat contracts.   NFL Player who lost his earring.  Another lost earring.  ‘Nuff said!
  3. We don’t have an NFL team in LA or Orange County.  I’m not going to root for “someone else’s” team.
  4. The NFL has more bullshit.  Players’ strikes, lockouts, crazy owners. (I’m talking to you, Al Davis.)  Sure – the NCAA and the BCS can make our government look like an efficient, well-oiled machine that’s free of corruption; but this is nothing compared to the circus in the NFL.

     So – while I thank former Trojan players for their service, and wish them well on the next level; I’m really not devoting too much time to following them.  Come football season, following the Trojans is pretty much a second job! (Or fourth in my case.)

NCAA denies USC’s sanctions.  (Or; the NCAA is a bullshit kangaroo court, anyways.)

    You may have heard that the NCAA has denied USC’s appeal.  This is no surprise given the feelings I outlined in bullet point 4 above.  It is noteworthy, however, that even traditional USC-haters are agreeing that SC got royally screwed here. A Buckeye columnist.  Larry Scott.  Even though famous USC-hater Scott Wolf didn’t disagree with the decision, he did call it a “rubber stamp.”

    I’ve heard garbage from Notre Dame and ucla fans about this.  Please – like this will make your programs any more respectable!  As another blogger  has pointed out – You Can’t Sanction the End Zone!  Whining about stuff like this is for bruin fans.  We get even by going out there and kicking some ass!

Tressel resigns. 

A tie, short-sleeved shirt, and a sweater vest. Just like Sipowitz!

    Oh – the sweater-vest resigned as the coach of Ohio State this morning.  If Jim Tressel resigned; something tells me that we haven’t heard the worst of what’s going on in Buckeye land. 

    I was reading “A Brief History of Ohio State Football Disciplinary Actions” this morning, and saw more than a few red flags.  Maurice Clarett called the police from a phone in Tressel’s office and made a false police report – alleging that a car he borrowed from a local dealer was burglarized.  Troy Smith was caught accepting $500 from a booster. (How much did he take undetected?)  In 2005, their offensive coordinator was reprimanded for “trying to arrange a car and a loan for a recruit.” (That’s heavy-handed discipline there!)

    The NCAA was a surpise topic in last week’s Southpark episode.  In it, character Eric Cartman starts his own amateur football team, and visits the Colorado athletic director.  In his office, he asks how they treat their “slaves.”  The director replies, “Are you talking about our student athletes?”  Cartman’s reply is; “Oh – right (wink, wink)– student athletes.”  

    The episode did a great job of pointing out the corruption surrounding college sports, (although that certainly wasn’t a difficult task.)  An easy conclusion seems to be “let’s start paying them salaries.”

    Paying our football players salaries isn’t an option that’s very good – or even possible.  First off, there’s probably about 6 schools (including USC) that can afford to pay top dollar.  This would leave USC dominating the Pac 12 perpetually.  (We all know Stanford would never pay up for a good football squad.)  That’s no fun.  As most of our competitors are from public schools, I sure as hell don’t want my tax dollars going to pay student athletes!  Also; this “schools are getting rich off their athletes” story is a myth.  Sure – some schools are doing well; but most Division I universities depend on revenue from their football programs to fund other sports.  

    The famous “Title IX” basically demands equal representation for female scholarship athletes compared to their male counterparts.  There aren’t too many other sports that demand 80 scholarship players, so multiple women’s teams are needed to balance things out.  Someone needs to pay for those 80 extra scholarships, locker rooms, uniforms; etc.  That someone is the football program.  Assuming that these football programs could afford to pay salaries, (which they can not), who would then pay for these women’s sports?   Any season ticket buyers for women’s lacrosse out there?

     This whole “They need to be paid” argument also assumes that these players are working hard for nothing.  A review of USC’s estimated costs  puts the value of tuition, room and board at $60,801 annually.  Football players actually get more than this – they receive a $1,000 monthly stipend, and all sorts of other perks.  $73,000 a year at minimum – pretty good money for someone who’s just out of high school, I think.

     That’s it for now.  I’m off to a BBQ.  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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2 Responses to NCAA Is A Joke, and Who Cares About The NFL?

  1. Carrie says:

    He points out that college athletics specifically basketball and football are making a fortune for the NCAA the schools the coaches the staff and filtering down to just about everyone else in the athletic department and sometimes even to other parts of the school. You know the product that we watch!It s like the Romans at the Coliseum. There s no other way to put it.I realize the argument is that they are being given free housing and a free scholarship.

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