Another USC Football TV Commercial.

     I admit, I’ve been lagging a bit with the blog here.  I still, by request, owe a summary of the NFL draft to my readers.

     For now, I’ve got the new USC Football commercial to share with you.  This one is the follow-up to “The Breifcase.”  Both of these commercials are, for the lack of a more accurate term, completely awesome!  Only USC has the swagger to create such great ads.

     Various media talking heads have badmouthed these spots, but they’re just haters.  Just like the people who talk trash when they see a Ferrari drive by, or who envy those in first class – losers don’t like winners.  Losers will try to knock winners down a notch or two every chance they get.  That’s why us Trojans just need to ignore that noise.  We’ll always be hearing from the other side of the big winner-loser rivalry – it’s what being a winner is all about!


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