Uppity Hillbilly Reporters…. and Other News.

    First off; a journalist named John Steigerwald has made the national news by implying that it’s all the Giants fan’s fault that he was beaten by Dodger fans. He didn’t pick an obvious reason, either – the one he went for is “that’s what he gets for wearing a team jersey in public.” See the article HERE:

     It’s worth noting that the top of that page identifies the ObserverReporter as the news source for “Washington and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania.” Like you, my first reaction was “where the hell is that?” A Google search informed me that Washington and Greene Counties are in the wasteland between Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

     That really confused me. The whole article is written with the type of “holier than thou” smugness usually reserved for the New York Times opinion pieces. I’m sure that his readers are all throwing on their “Ben Rapethisberger” jerseys before making the hour-long drive into Pittsburgh. He sidesteps this by picking on the Cleveland Browns fans, and mentioning a few Steelers fans that make the drive in jerseys. This leads me to believe that this guy’s never actually been to a Steelers game; but it makes sense, really. Even though Cleveland is certainly no paradise, it’s better than Pittsburgh by a long shot!

     Another Trojan blogger, renowned ‘SC hater Scott Wolf, has pointed out that Lane Kiffin travels with bodyguards to and from practice. This makes a lot of sense to me, actually. He’s the greatest coach in college football; somebody needs to protect him from the autograph seekers, co-eds offering lovin’ and Tennessee-fan haters. It is worth noting that I’ve visited Tennessee several times. In the early 90’s, I remember stopping to buy gas along a 2-lane mountain road near Gatlinburg. A semi truck had crashed off the side of the road, so all the hillfolk came out to take a look. Among the crowd, I spotted a man with no arms smoking a cigarette. My second story comes from Memphis, TN in 1996. I was amazed to learn that one could withdraw $5 at a time from an ATM machine out there. At about 2:30AM, we walked into a bar; and I put down my credit card to start a tab. At the end of the night, the bartender couldn’t find my card. When we got back to the hotel, I called to cancel it – and learned that somebody made 8 charges between 2:40 AM and 4:00 AM. Those eight charges totaled – thirty-eight dollars.

We sure showed that city slicker!

     So – I’m not concerned about those Tennessee fans. Those stories don’t indicate the type of people who could somehow make the 2,200 mile drive out to LA to carry though on those threats.

     I was going to discuss the more unusual search words that led readers to this blog, but I seem to have run out of space. Next time!

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