Another Chance to Meet Lane Kiffin – And Take Your Picture With The National Championship Trophy.

USC has scheduled another meet & greet for Lane Kiffin – and they’ve sweetened the deal by offering photos with the BCS National Championship Trophy and a Heisman Trophy.  This time it will be at LA Live in downtown LA – tomorrow, (Tuesday), between 4 and 7 PM.  The flyer is below:



I was looking forward to writing a review of yesterday’s appearance today, but I woke up at 9:30 AM on Sunday.  Since the La Canada event started at 10, that one was out.  As I have said before; the only time I visit Torrance is while I’m driving through to Palos Verdes.  So – I stuck to my guns and didn’t go.  Also – I was busy this weekend.  Earlier in the week, I was celebrating my glorious victory in small claims court with some fine food.  I had to do some working out to ensure that I don’t end up looking like a Notre Dame fan!  (or the guy I sued.)  Nobody wants that!



Fat Notre Dame fans. More common than even ugly ones!

For those of you who didn’t catch Lane & the Gang this weekend; you’ve got the chance to head down to LA Live tomorrow. I will be missing it again – Tuesday is my “Orange County Office Day.” There will probably be some bruin fans there, too – just so they can tell their kids that they saw the national championship AND the Heisman trophies together at the same time! (It’s rumored that ucla sold their trophies during some unusual “2 for 1” specials back during their cadaver-selling days.) For those of you keeping score, USC has 11 national championships and 7 Heisman trophies. (That’s right – we all remember who won in 2005) ucla only had one of each – their national championship from 1954 (when my dad was eight years old), and that fluke in 1967 when O.J. Simpson was robbed by gary beban.

By the way – which Heisman trophy will we be posing with? If it’s Reggie or O.J.’s, the Orange County office will have to do without me this week.

Also – I’ve just wasted an hour trying to figure out why WordPress was posting some of my text grey and smaller than the rest.  Who’da thunk that html class in 1995 back at USC would finally pay off!

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4 Responses to Another Chance to Meet Lane Kiffin – And Take Your Picture With The National Championship Trophy.

  1. tnapoleon74 says:

    What’s the situation with season tickets? I would love to get some good seats.

  2. banking offshore says:

    And that game and that score have millions of fans of the other undefeated teams — Boise State Cincinnati and Texas Christian University TCU — up in arms and clamoring for their chance to play in the national championship against Alabama who soundly defeated the Florida Gators in the SEC Championship Game Saturday afternoon. The Big 12 Championship Game was decided by a one-point advantage in a game that Texas was supposed to win by at least two touchdowns according to many experts and analysts .

    • chrisuscfan says:

      I’m impressed at how well-written this spam is. The, (well, better than most commenters,) grammar leads me to suspect that a TCU fan wrote this. The fact that it’s completely off topic confirms my suspicions! This author should try his skills in the Nigerian Scam arena – he’ll make a fortune.

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