Meet Coach Kiffin on Sunday, April 10.

     I will be meeting college football’s greatest coach this Sunday, April 10.  I invite you to be there, as well.

     As a (twice) USC Alumni, I’m on all sorts of e-mail lists with them.  So – I’m always getting updates.  These days, it’s usually those horribly annoying requests that I call some toll-free number to “update my information” for their alumni directory or a request for donations.  (As I’ve said before; the letter that was fake-personally signed by Carson Palmer was my favorite.)  Or it’s an invitation to buy tickets to watch the latest women’s soccer match vs. UC Merced.  (Really?  They charge for those tickets?)

     Imagine my surprise when I opened my inbox 15 minutes ago and found something useful.  Lane Kiffin will be at 2 area Sport Chalets doing “meet and greets” this Sunday, April 10.  You have two locations to choose from; La Canada or Torrance.  Since the only reason I visit Torrance is when I’m driving through to Palos Verdes, I’m going to go with La Canada.  Plus; La Canada is full of rich people – it’s pretty much Trojan territory! 

     I’ve posted the flier below.  I’ll see you there!  Also – note that a similar meet & greet for ucla’s Rick Neweasel was cancelled due to what the school called a “lack of anyone who gives a rat’s ass.”

     Fight On!

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