The USC “Public Sex Scandal.”

Yesterday, a story hit the news about 2 students having sex on the roof of Waite Phillips Hall on Saturday.  That part of the story probably won’t surprise any Trojan alumni – I was surprised that the roof was free of other couples/groups of stoners when they got there.

The surprising part is – their performance was visible from the ground.  Pictures are even available online:

Click here to read the UK’s Daily Mail write-up of the incident.

Most surprising is that the male half of the perfomance has been suspended (whatever that means) from the Kappa Sigma fraternity ‘for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and a gentleman’

Now this whole thing is just silly.  Isn’t that what college students are supposed to do?

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3 Responses to The USC “Public Sex Scandal.”

  1. Vision says:

    Really; how did this become a “scandal?”

  2. Joe says:

    Aren’t fraternities supposed to be all about sex, drugs, and rock N roll? What’s the problem?

  3. chrisuscfan says:

    I agree. Although doing his business in full view of onlookers was probably an error in judgement, I’m not sure why this has drawn such criticism. Kind of like how every Matt Leinart story I read mentions the “scandal where he was photographed drinking with Arizona State co-eds.” Wait a minute – A rich, young guy spends time partying with chicks? Who’da thunk! The horror!

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