March Madness is Dumb.

     That’s right – I said it!

     Every March, the United States gets all wound up in the NCAA basketball tournament in an effort to convince themselves that NCAA basketball is at all relevant today.  Much like every 4 years when the world cup happens and everyone pretends to care about soccer.

     Since the NBA requires players to put in only one year of college, this means that the best players will do their one year and then split for a paying job.  They then will concentrate on covering their bodies with ugly tattoos, beating drug tests (OJ Mayo), and starting their “help the kids out of the ghetto” charity which consists entirely of – playing basketball.  (Yeah – that’s really the ticket for those kids.)

     I personally can’t stand basketball because it prizes acting ability (taking a dive to get the foul),  is rife with crooked refs and non-calls (how many steps until traveling is called – 4?), and it’s similar to baseball in that there are so many games, that you can just phone it in on 30 of them and still make the championships.

     So this week, everyone is filling out their brackets and pretending that they’ve heard of Marquette, Prince or some team that’s listed as “WOFFRD.”  I don’t even know anybody who’s a college basketball fan during the rest of the season, except for my family – who really only follows Ohio State basketball when they’re good, anyways.  All those ucla basketball followers have jumped off that bandwagon long ago and switched to…  hmmm.  I’m not sure what they do – it’s not like ucla is good at anything else.

     Speaking of ucla, an undergraduate over there recently made headlines by putting together a video complaining about all the Asians on campus.  Really?  That’s like moving to San Francisco and complaining about the gays, Saudi Arabia and whining about the heat, or attending BYU and bitching about the “no sex- and we mean it!” honor code.  If you had any brains in the first place, you’d know what you were getting into.  (Although signing up to go to ucla over all other options may indicate a lack of said brains.)  ucla released a statement about the video in which they noted that “37 percent of the school’s 26,000 undergraduates are Asian, 32 percent are white, 16 percent Hispanic and 4 percent black.”  Let those numbers sink it for a second.  (My Trojan readers will note that the total is nowhere close to 100%.)

     I would link to the video, but it’s so damn boring that I only made it through 20 seconds of the thing.  Leave it to a bruin to produce a “controversial” racial rant, and make it dull.  

     Now don’t get me wrong – I hope that the Trojans win it all, but I’m not going to watch any of their games.  Don’t take this as a lack of school spirit – I wish the Trojan swimming and golf teams well, too.  You can be damn sure I’ll never watch any of their competitions!  As for football – I’ve been known to attend their practices!

     To summarize – basketball sucks, and so do the bruins.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and if you’re in Japan – stay safe!

Totally off topic, but I thought this "Hipster Trap" was pretty funny.

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