The bruins look for a role model for their players and find… …Charlie Sheen!

     During the college football offseason, there really isn’t a whole lot of news out there – so the weekly updates can turn into a little too much.  My collegues in the “USC football blogger” market have turned to bad-mouthing Pete Carroll, reviewing television shows or; even worse, talking about basketball.  I won’t stoop to that level – so I patiently wait for the stories to develop.

     And develop they did.  My last post ridiculed the Oregon Ducks for claiming “we really won – because USC cheated,” to the news media.  Those in glass houses, Ducks!  The NCAA is currently investigating a couple of payments made to “trainers” affiliated with current Duck players.  One of these trainers received $25,000 for delivering two Texas prospects to the ducks.  A second trainer received around $3,500 for delivering a few players; including DeAnthony Thomas.  How did that second guy only end up with a few thousand bucks, while the first guy got $25K?  What a sap!

     ucla’s baseball coaches decided that their team needed a talking to, so they invited Charlie Sheen to give a pep talk.  (This is actually true – Google it.)  Among the advice that Sheen gave out was “Don’t do crack, drink chocolate milk” which, reportedly, drew a standing ovation from an easily-impressed bruin team.  Also, the team reported that Sheen “almost” hit a home run during batting practice.  There’s the state of bruin athletics today – not only do they think that hitting a home run during batting practice is some sort of accomplishment; “almost” hitting one is as well.  (Along with staying out of jail and graduating high school.)

     The thing that I love about this picture is that Sheen is carrying all his stuff in a plastic Sport Chalet bag.  Despite the $1.8 million per episode salary, he carries his belongings in a plastic bag just like any other crack head. 

     The NCAA is allegedly throwing some heat Lane Kiffin’s way over a few phone calls he allegedly made during his Tennessee days.  We all know that this is the work of some “hillbilly haters” from Knoxville trying to sully the reputation of college football’s greatest head coach.  I’m ignoring that stuff – and am looking forward to spring football.  Fight On!

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