More About the Blog, the bruins’ Shortcomings, and USC’s Continued Dominance of Recruiting

     As I sat down to write this morning’s update, I first reviewed the comments section.  See- comments don’t automatically get put up on most blogs; they need to be approved by an administrator.  This is less about controlling content and more about limiting the truly remarkable amount of spam that’s generated.  If a reader clicks on a link that infects his computer with a nasty virus from an Eastern European country that you’ve never even heard of, (like Moldova), that doesn’t help anyone.  Or, worse, my blog (like Scott Wolf’s) becomes populated by mostly haters.  Haters like bruin fans or Stanford fans who sign their names with an “Esq.” and write with a Thesaurus to prove how “smart” they are.  (Like copying words out of a book to make your prose harder to read is “smart.”)

     I would like to think that Trojan fans don’t waste their time reading and commenting on blogs from other schools.  I don’t know because I’ve never looked.  As I’ve stated repeatedly, I prefer my college football media to be all Trojan, pro-Trojan, all the time.

     I’ve looked through the list of sites that have referred traffic to the USC Trojan Football Blog over the past several months, and have found some surprises.  Here are my favorites:


  • The Indiana Toll Road Traffic Conditions Blog
  • Multiple Weight-Loss blogs.  (Perhaps from my multiple references to the women at UC Berkeley?)
  • Six referrals from an Online Degree site.  (No doubt from my references to Arizona State.)
  • Two referrals from a “How to Find a mesothelioma lawyer in Oklahoma” site.  (No idea there.)
  • (We share a similar pro-Trojan philosophy.)

     I haven’t included links for those first four sites in an effort to shield you from the Eastern European viruses mentioned previously.  Also – it’s not Trojan-related, so I’m keeping you on-topic.  The Lost Angeles Blog, (also linked on my Other Noteworthy USC Football Blogs page,)has got some great pro-Trojan material on there – but you’ve gotta skip through stuff like his “Weekly The Bachelor Review.”

     Back to football, let’s look at that train wreck across town known as the ucla football program.  Along with putting together a recruiting class that Rivals ranked just below that of Fullerton Junior College, (an institution that we call “high school with ashtrays,”) he fired his entire coaching staff; including Norm Chow!  How do you fire Norm Chow?  He’s the only proven coach on your entire staff!  Sure – Lane Kiffin is better, but Norm’s still pretty good.  Since they’re stuck paying him anyways, they might as well have fired everyone except Norm.  Or throw him a bone and give him that head coaching job he’s always wanted – it’s not like he can make ucla “football” any worse!

     The bruins hired Mike Johnson to take Norm’s place as offensive coordinator.  Norm has years of experience, but Rick Neweasel figured it would be better to replace him with a guy who has been an OC for 12 whole games.  By the way, he guided the mighty San Francisco 49ers to a 6-6 record during those 12 games.  When asked about recruiting as his new job, he said:

Blah Blah Blah…get the kids to come to UCLA and restore the rich tradition that we have here.”

He does know that he’s coaching football, right?

     Speaking of recruiting, I’ve read with joy all the articles asking “How did Kiffin, Orgeron, and USC do it again?” with our great recruiting class.  It’s simple, really.  The NCAA can take away wins and national championships, while the Heisman committee can take Reggie’s award away.  Those criminals from the Oregon Ducks can take a break from pumping gas to talk about “how it feels great to know that we really won” the game where SC travelled to Eugene and brought a 45-13 beating with them.  None of that matters because everyone, (even – no, especially – the haters,) remembers what really happened.  And especially these recruits who remember the USC Trojans’ dominance during their childhoods.

     By the way, if you follow that link – there’s a quote from former Duck lineman Jacob Hucko referencing him “scraping by” on his $1,000 a month stipend.  Oh yeah – free tuition, free rent, free meals AND $1,000 a month, and he’s really suffering!

     As I was doing a “Norm Chow USC” image search, I came upon this picture from another journalist’s site.  This guy is a sportswriter and, curiously, chose this picture of him leaning on a “cherry” vintage 1990’s Nissan Sentra in a strip mall somewhere.  Too weird not to share.

Fight On!  And get your SC season tickets renewed now!

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