Lane Kiffin & Company’s Glorious Victory in the Recruiting Arena.

     This week, the Trojans put together another great recruiting class.  We attacked some areas of need (got ourselves an entire O-line) as Lane and Coach Orgeron basically shopped all over the country and brought home the players they wanted.  Linebacker Lamar Dawson, who was named Mr. Football in Kentucky?  Check.  Offensive Lineman Aundrey Walker from Cleveland, Ohio?  The Ohio State Buckeyes had already painted his name over a locker when he shocked them all by signing with the Trojans.  He didn’t shock everyone, though.  Us Trojans knew all along he’d make the right decision.

     The recruiting victories kept on coming, too.  Running back Javorius Allen, from SEC-territory Tallahasse, picked USC over Auburn and Alabama.  We picked up a punter, kicker AND a long-snapper.  Finally, we’ll have a field goal kicker who can hit something longer than 30 yards!  I can’t even remember the last time we had that.

     The recruit that Oregon took from us, DeAnthony Thomas, is described as “Oregon’s best recruit in history.”  He wasn’t even the best recruit in our class!  (George Farmar was ranked higher by Rivals.)  Plus, we’ve already got a blue chip pint sized cornerback in 5’8” Nickell Robey – putting both those guys on the field at once would be pushing it.

     The Trojan’s are loaded at wide receiver.  Brice Butler, seeing the writing on the wall for him, decided to transfer.  The funniest part about that whole story was what Brice’s dad said:

“Lane Kiffin did not give Brice a fair chance … no, he did not give him a fair chance at all.

“You take a kid who is a starter, then the next thing you know you put a kid who has only been (in practice) for 10 days and start him in front of (Butler). …

“But it’s all good. It wasn’t meant to be at USC under Lane Kiffin, so he needs to go to a place that is right for him. We’re just going to keep moving forward, and everything is going to work out for Brice.”

     I think he’s just mad because the freshman who “only spent 10 days in practice” then proceeded to beat out his son for the starting job.  By the way, that freshman happens to be Robert Woods, who had 65 catches for 792 yards and 6 TDs in 2010.  I guess I’d be pissed if a guy only spent 10 days in practice before showing up me like that, too.

     Let’s talk about the Super Bowl.  I’m rooting for the Packers because I’m tired of hearing from all these bandwagon Steelers fans who can barely tell me where Pittsburgh is.  (And sure as hell can’t spell it.)  One of the sports talking heads, a few weeks ago, said: “For some reason, Ben Roethlisberger is not as highly regarded as the league’s other elite passers.”  Really?  You’ve got no clue why?  It’s similar to why Woody Allen isn’t highly regarded as a stepfather. 

     Last up, the NCAA heard our final appeal last week.  As another writer pointed out, the Delta House got a better shake out of their trial with Dean Wormer and Doug Neidermeyer.  Having a hearing with the NCAA is like fighting with your home-owner’s association.  What’s the point in fighting someone who is also making up the rules – and someone who can do whatever they want?

     By putting this great recruiting class together, we’re continuing to fight – and win – despite everything that gets thrown at us.  Fight on!

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