“Things Are The Way They Always Are.”

     That’s what I get for taking so long to post an update!  There’s a lot of ground to cover now. 

     I was listening to my XM Radio – the 60’s channel – on the way home tonight, and heard the DJ crying about “global warming, and this rap music the kids listen to today.  You know – this used to be a really great country.”  He spewed that garbage right after he finished playing Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction.”  Great timing!  The motto of all that is; “Things are the same.  People had stuff to complain about 45 years ago, and my kids will have stuff to complain about in 2055.”  And this has everything to do with USC football:  We were a great program in the mid to late 1990’s, were a great program in 2005, and we’ll be great in 2045 – no matter what our record is! 

     First, I need to talk about a few players and their (poor) decisions to play another year rather than enter the NFL.  First up is La Michael James.  Can I call you “La?”  Look, La – you know that you’ve taken a liking to smacking the girlfriend around and you’ll just end up getting arrested this season.  Sure, Oregon isn’t the type of school that will suspend their players for minor infractions like committing felonies – but you can’t play if you’re in jail!  You can only get away with crap like that in the NFL.  And – for the record – killing a person while driving drunk will see you suspended for 5 games or so; but don’t you dare kill a dog!

     Next up is Andrew Luck.  As another blogger pointed out, he’s probably the goofiest looking quarterback ever – he’s got Aaron Corp beat by a mile!

     He’s giving up the #1 spot in the draft this year to play one more season at Stanford.  I just can’t see any way that he doesn’t end up disappointed here.  I think that dog (Stanford’s football team) has had its’ day.  Their team will be going back to normal – getting shelled all season long, and then ending the season with the big Cal vs. Stanford game – the “Who’s last place in the Pac 10?” Bowl.

     The sordid Cam Newton situation has brought up this whole “let’s start paying players” thing again.  Let’s call an ace an ace.  If you steal money from an agent, like Reggie’s dad did, then you’re a scumbag.  If these players get paid, they’ll still steal some more – that’s what scumbags do. ‘Nuff said!

     I read that, for their bowl game, Stanford’s band was “banned” from the halftime show.  That’s a smart move – now how about we do something about our band?  They’re always playing songs that have no business being played by a marching band – anyone remember the lady gaga medley this year?  Also – they do these terrible medleys with “rock bands” like system of a down that make me glad the crappy sound system is pointed to the student section.  Whoever is in charge of these shows – we alumni season ticket holders pay the damn bills!  Quit pandering to the students and concentrate on planning the 20 letters per year that you’ll send them upon their graduation begging for a donation.  (My favorite was the letter from Carson Palmer.)  I think a Van Halen medley with David Lee Roth on vocals would work.  Someone in charge over there should get in touch with me – let’s make it happen!

     Lastly, let’s talk recruiting.  As I assured you all, Lane Kiffin & Co. are killing it out there!  This weekend, Anthony Sarao – a 4-star linebacker from New Jersey, and Amir Carlisle – a 4-star running back from Sunnyvale, switched their commitments from Stanford to the Trojans!  Welcome to the family guys!  Note that Carlisle is from the Bay Area, too.  It just shows what has always been true; if you’re a running back and you want to play in the NFL – you’ve gotta go to Tailback U!

     That’s it for now.  I think next week I’ll talk about the “cover yourself with tattoos” phenomenon that seems to have infiltrated college sports.


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