The bruins Can’t Even Do Personnel Changes Right!

     I can’t believe that I let it go 10 days without an update!  Once a week, at least; I promise!

    Let’s start with my least favorite topic – ucla.  The bruins cleaned house this past Saturday, firing their defensive coordinator and wide receivers coach.  How can a “coach housecleaning” not include firing Neweasel?

     Better yet; you may have heard that the State of California is a little short on funds.  With that in mind, I’m not sure how I feel about my tax dollars paying those losers’ salaries for the remainder of their contracts.  The d coordinator has $325,000 coming to him, and the wide receivers’ coach gets his $180,000 annual salary until June.  So – we’re out $500,000 while ucla will go out and hire some other losers to take their places.  By the way – with ucla being a public university – $325,000 is the annual salary of a “Level 5 janitor” – one with 5 years of experience.  Sure – their janitors arguably do a better and more appreciated job than their football coaches – but it makes me wish that somebody in state government had some damn sense!

     Okay, Quasi-political rant over.  Here’s a picture of the $325,000 man:


     I don’t even have to say anything.  That’s why – when I’m in a rush to publish, the “rip on ucla” game plan always works so well.  This stuff writes itself!

     Remember the “poor-sport bruin?”  A fellow Trojan has organized a bike ride for Friday when the rains clear up.  We’re climbing up to Mt. Baldy Village, so it’ll be a nice and slow 2 hour climb with lots of trash-talking.  I’m sure to have some great material up early next week.  As an added bonus; this guy’s also a lawyer – so I’ll be hitting him from 2 angles.  (I’ve got more lawyer jokes than bruin ones.)

My current favorite goes like this:

Two lawyers are hanging out in the park during their lunch break. 

A beautiful blonde woman walks by and receives admiring glances from the young men.

The first one says “I’d sure like to fuck her!”

The second one says “Out of what?”

Stay dry out there!

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2 Responses to The bruins Can’t Even Do Personnel Changes Right!

  1. Lucas says:

    Hello, I think your blog is epic.

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