Still Loving That Victory Over the bruins.

If you are looking for my review of USC’s 2011 beat down on ucla, it’s right here.

Whenever I run into a bruin alum over the offseason, I always mention their awful football team – and the amazing ass-kicking that we handed them this year.  That’s right, fellow Trojans; it is time to “own” the offseason once again!

Here’s Todd Marinovich flipping off some bruin during the rivalry game.

I got another e-mail from last week’s “featured disgruntled bruin” after the game.  It read, in part;

I just wasted a few minutes of my life that I will never get back and read part of the blog. SERIOUSLY??  You actually took time away from a million productive things you could be doing to write that? 

     Then it continued with:

You take your little win over the Bruins and celebrate it to your heart’s content.

     Hey – the bruins don’t have anything worth writing about, but that’s no excuse to take out your frustration on me.  I have to admit that I am a bit put-off by your strange passive-aggressive style of trash-talking.  It’s like talking smack with a (romantic interest) woman.  You guys will understand this one – let’s say that your wife/girlfriend stayed home dealing with contractors all week while you were out partying in Las Vegas with your buddies.  Oh – and you managed to destroy her car.  You come home, and her demeanor is downright rotten.  You ask “How are you doing?” and she barks “FINE!”

That kind of behavior is fine for women, but I believe that men need to come out and say “You’re an asshole!” occasionally.  Otherwise, people start thinking that you are a bit soft.  I tried to enlighten this poor bruin with some advice, but he has already blocked my e-mail address.  So – I’ll just continue celebrating our glorious win over the bruins, thank you.  By the way, how is a 2 touchdown margin of victory in a rivalry game a “little win?”

I didn’t know what to do with myself this Saturday now that all the college games I care about are over.  So, I sat down with my daughter and had a movie marathon – I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and This Is Spinal Tap.  Quite the double feature!  I do have to point out that my daughter is 2 months old; so she’s too young for these movies to be inappropriate just yet.  Also, I thought that Rob Reiner did a great parody of Michael Moore in his movie – even though “Roger & Me” came out 5 years later.  Reiner played a fat guy in a trucker hat that did a fake documentary – that’s Michael Moore, all right!

Before I get too off-track, I mentioned last week that Lane Kiffin was hitting the recruiting warpath with a vengeance.  Like last week, Lane is out recruiting as you read this – and the results are already starting to come in.  Just this week, we celebrated the following commitments:

  • George Farmar, a 5-star wide receiver from Gardena.
  • JR Tavai, who plays BOTH Defensive Lineman and Fullback.  (2 big areas of need on our roster)
  • Isiah Wiley, a cornerback from a community college in Arizona.

Isiah will be enrolling in the spring.  This is huge, because it won’t count against our 15 scholarship limit.  Lane’s got 6 spring signees – look for more to come.

It’s worth noting that Isaih Wiley was originally committed to Arkansas, but he realized what a dumb idea that was.  Good move, Isaih – welcome to the family!

Did anyone see that Dolphins assistant coach who pulled a Woody Hayes? (Use this link if the video isn’t appearing below.  WordPress’ “Easy YouTube Embedding” just isn’t working with me today.)

I think the bruins have found a new staff member!

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