USC 16, Notre Dame 20

    Oh No, RoJo!  I suffered through the rain long after those Notre Dame fans left on account of the crappy weather, and was heartbroken.  Did anyone notice that our receivers did a much better job of catching the ball AFTER it started raining?  How does that work?

     Based on my observations Saturday, I think that about 25% of Fighting Irish fans can tell you where South Bend is.  (Although I didn’t find any.)  I’d say that maybe 1/4 of those 25% have actually been there.

     I saw that Scott Wolf said that the dropped passes are all Lane Kiffin’s fault.  He also pointed out that Pete Carroll was 16-2 in rivalry games, while Lane has no wins.  What planet is that guy from?  He obviously didn’t take a statistics class at USC.  We expect a lot from our coaches, but the players still need to catch the damn ball.  Lane is still the guy who will lead us back to glory.

     I’ve moved on to ucla next week.  To prepare, I spent a few hours riding my bike in the area near the Rose Bowl.  (I rode in from La Canada – the good side.)  I was struck by how the area west of the Rose Bowl is populated by Trojan grads – as well as the area around the ucla campus.  (Brentwood, Bel Air, etc.)  Downtown LA used to be a big bruin alumni spot – but all the homeless sweeps took care of that.

     I wanted to get some thoughts out there for you – I’ll have a more complete report later this week.

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