Notre Dame Preview.

All right – after feasting like a king yesterday, I need to make up for it by riding the bike for 3 hours or so today.  Otherwise, I may start looking like a Notre Dame fan.  And we definitely don’t want that.  So I will keep this brief.

     Notre Dame found out this season that hiring Brian Kelly couldn’t guarantee success, just as giving Charlie Weis more money proved disastrous.  Kind of like what ucla found out when they hired Norm Chow – the best jeweler in the world can’t polish a turd into a diamond!

     However, the Fighting Irish are continuing their futile effort to buy their way back to respectability.  I think they can’t find a decent coach because they have a warped view of what “success” is.  For instance; a ucla grad considers himself to be making “big money” if he’s pulling down 30 bucks an hour.  I, as a Trojan, think that the first step to success is no longer getting paid by the hour.  To make “big money,” your annual income number needs to have two commas in it.  Similarly, after Weis’ “amazing success” in LOSING to the Trojans in 2005, Notre Dame signed him to a multi-year big-money contract.  This “settling for less” is just ingrained in Notre Dame’s culture.  After all; they are perfectly satisfied living in South Bend.

     I’m going to miss Charlie Weis.  I had my trash-talking down to a science with him. In addition to only losing to USC by a little bit in 2005, he showed amazing tenacity in managing to stay morbidly obese AFTER his gastric-bypass surgery.  It’s going to take me a year or two to get up to speed on this Kelly character – let’s hope he doesn’t get canned before I do.

     I’m writing this column in a “hurry up offense,” since breakfast is waiting for me on the table.  My prediction for this game is a glorious Trojan victory.  Sure, Notre Dame has lost some heartbreakers against such traditional football powerhouses as Navy and Tulsa this year – but we’ll get the upper hand tomorrow.  Really – I think that’s the only reasonable explanation for the Oregon State game; Lane had has “playing possum” to give it all for the one game that matters.

     Fight on!

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