USC 24, Arizona 21 – and Oregon State Preview

     This game was fantastic!  Can you believe that we blocked an extra point and returned it for a touchdown 2 games in a row?  Sure – it didn’t end up counting in the end.  However, just like Reggie Bush and the ass-kicking we handed to Oklahoma at the 2003 Natl. Championship game, everyone will remember it.

     You may have noticed that I’m running a bit behind on my game previews and recaps.  I will throw out my usual excuses – running a business, I didn’t go to ucla and can’t work on the DMV’s clock, etc.  The real reason is that I need a deadline to produce my best work.  By slacking off, I’m really helping you; the reader.  It’s all for the best, I promise.

     I, like all Trojans fans, was pleased with this game.  We went to Tempe and helped Arizona follow up that ass-kicking they took from Stanford with a nice upset at home and the loss of their ranking.  I loved watching Marc Tyler run all over the Wildcats.  Even better was watching the veins pop out on the forehead of that crybaby (just like his brother) Arizona coach Mike Stoops.  In addition to that blocked extra point, USC was given credit after the game for blocking that field goal in the first quarter.  In the process we did their kicker a favor – now he can be ashamed of that miss rather than his uncle’s terrible chain of Mexican restaurants, or those pesky rape charges.

     I thought it was great that we just let Arizona march right down the field and score at the end of the game to get their hopes up.  An onside kick is such a high-percentage play, right?  This was a great win for us because it was the last game this year I’d admit we have a chance of losing.  Notre Dame?  ucla?  Not this year.  We just need to get past….


This shameful picture is of Oregon State’s official logo until 1985.  Thank you, internet – I don’t even have to add anything to this.

     Oregon State.  This is our chance to shake off the “curse of Oregon;” where we haven’t managed to win in that state for a few years.  The last good win that I remember was the “fog bowl” in Corvallis.  The game was played in fog so thick that the TV picture was a cloudy white – I wasn’t used to having trouble seeing a game on TV!  I’m sure that the $750 production budget that FSN had for that game didn’t help things.  I looked on the bright side, though – at least it wasn’t ESPN!  Petros Papadakis in the booth is like listening to 4 quarters of Gilbert Godfrey; but at least he knows football.

     As for the game, I like our chances.  Looking at Oregon’s results this year; they seem like a respectable team – until you notice that they lost to ucla and lost to Washington State at home by 17 points!  We’ll beat the Beavers just because they named their mascot after an irritating little rodent.  We all remember what we did to the Golden Gophers earlier in the year!

     If you aren’t already – start watching Lane Kiffin Weekly on FSN.  I recommend that you TIVO it – then you can just skip through all the non-football stuff.  (Sorry, women’s soccer.)  This show, the football part anyway, has plenty of swagger – which is how I like my Trojan media coverage.

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6 Responses to USC 24, Arizona 21 – and Oregon State Preview

  1. Spud says:

    Petros was a star for the Trojans. He would have gone pro had it not been for the peskey injury. Don’t knock your fellow Trojans!

  2. Tim Napoleon says:

    I was hoping for some Subaru jokes.

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