USC 34, Arizona State 33

     This update is late, but I’ve been celebrating all week.  Plus; I’m a Trojan alum, so I’ve got things going on.  Running a business, getting contractors over to the house, getting the car detailed.  If I went to ucla, I’d have plenty of free time from working 4 hrs a day at the dmv, living in an apartment in Palms, and riding the bus.  Alas, this is the path I chose…

     The Coliseum had about 20,000 empty seats on Saturday night, and those bandwagon fans missed a great one!  USC rang up two blocked punts, a pick-six, and a blocked extra point returned for 2 points!  You don’t see that very often…  Arizona State answered with their own pick-six, and a 102-yard kickoff return.  That touchdown return was done by a guy who was WAY too fast to be playing for Arizona State.  Seriously, how many people did he kill in a drunk driving wreck his senior year to end up there?


     In addition to great action on the field, I witnessed the greatest bleacher brawl in USC game history.  Remember the “Your whole state sucks!” guy from the Oregon game report?  In the general area of his seat, a large group of Sun Devils faced off against some Trojans.  At first it was all talk, but we did what we could to stir the pot.  (“You gonna let him say that?” and “Hey – control your woman!” are my favorites.)  After an Az state touchdown, the fight just erupted; there were at least 5 guys on each side jumping in and throwing punches.  Of course, since they are fighting in the stands, two or three guys went flying down a few rows – every so often, you’d see some feet in the air.  That didn’t slow the fight down, though; those guys would climb back up and start punching again.

     Finally, the police came and solved the situation by throwing all the Sun Devil fans out and apologizing to the Trojans.  Nice work guys – you rid the Coliseum of 6 Arizona State fans!  I want to treat all those guys to some Chanos.  Mix-up Burritos all around!

     I absolutely love that Vontaze Burfict, who I mentioned in the preview, committed the personal foul that kept our final drive alive and made Joe Houston’s winning field goal possible.  You are none too bright, Burfict.  But – we already knew that.

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