Refs… …and Honor Trojan Game Day!

     You may have noticed that the refs seemed a bit lost during the SC-Oregon game.  Much like how those helmet-to-helmet hit calls never go in the Trojans favor, complete idiocy from Pac 10 refs is almost expected. 

     On the other hand – I respect the following refs for their improv skills:

(The funny part’s at 37 seconds.)

     This ref gets extra points for acting it out in this next one:

     Fortunately, technology makes it possible to watch these videos on your cell phone today.  Those two clips kept me smiling in the 4th quarter at the Coliseum.

Honor Trojan Game Day

     Another popular Trojan blogger missed the Oregon game because he got married on that day.  The biggest game of the year – and it was a home game, too!  I’m not sure how one could be a real Trojan fan and do this.  Those are the types of fan who leave at half-time when we’re up on ucla by 24 points.  (I don’t get that – it’s not like we’re at the office; who doesn’t want to witness every single point we pound into those powder blue-wearing sissies?) But I digress – mentioning ucla always sends me into what I call a “derogatory spiral of rage.”

     Having been married myself, I know that the groom has about 5% say in where/when/how the wedding happens.  But, as they say in my business; the voting needs to be unanimous!  I know, I know; “Happy wife – happy life,” and all that – but I think this sets a dangerous precedent.  It’s not that football comes before her – but football is really important.  For the record – my wife knew not to choose a date during football season.  And – the band at our reception played “Fight On!”

     For instance; I once gave up tickets to watch the Angels play game 5 of the World Series to go to a wedding in the Bay Area; the wedding of one of my wife’s college friends.  If I’m going to miss an SC game for your wedding; I must be related to you.  (On my wife’s side of the family.  My side knows to keep college football season holy.)  Or – I’ve known you since the 80’s.

     There are ways to redeem yourself; the blogger in question did post an update the day after his wedding.  That’s dedication; I am proud to say that I didn’t touch a computer for 3 weeks after my wedding.

     You can’t just jump on the bandwagon and be a true Trojan fan – you gotta be committed!  Do you have what it takes?

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