USC vs. Oregon quick summary.

My impressions from the Oregon game:

  1. I guess all that running out of houses with TVs in your arms is great training for Oregon’s running backs.
  2. Eugene must be “the 909” of Oregon; lots of tribal tattoos and wife beaters – and not just on the women!
  3. I guess if you’re famous for having a team of felons, then it’s best to just embrace it.  I saw an Oregon fan wearing a T-shirt that said “The Ducks are raping everybody this year.”

Positive things I saw from the Trojan Family:

  1. I was proud of the way Trojan fans were bringing it during the game.  I heard one Trojan end his rant against a Duck fan with “… Your whole state sucks – and YOU suck!”  I heard that from 2 sections over!  Well said, sir – and nice work!
  2. A kid in my row was Lane Kiffin for Halloween.  Khakis, white shirt, white visor.  Well done!

Some things that may need adjusting:

  1. I saw that more than one fraternity had shirts that read; “Win or lose, we booze!”  (A bunch of different groups putting the same phrase on their shirts – and one that wasn’t very original to begin with.)  You gotta think of something at least half-way original!  Here’s one from my personal collection:


Yes – I realize that’s a 15-year old drinkin’ shirt that I was able to pull out on a whim.  Also – I can’t exactly claim credit for it; since I traded a fraternity member from Alabama for it.  (Even back then; USC stuff was in high demand.)  We didn’t spend our time, money, and energy on trivial things like rent or cutesy t-shirts; we spent all that on beer!

  1. I saw some pledges of what I think is a “business fraternity” dressed in Ducks gear, and charging fans to “throw a pie at a Duck.”  First off; I was all for it until I realized it was throwing a pie at a Trojan dressed as a duck.  That’s just not the same thing!  Second; business fraternity?  You’ve got your whole life to hang out with boring business types; don’t waste your college years on that!  Plus, with the exception of your first job; nobody gives a rat’s ass what fraternity you were in during college. 
  2. Football:  I think Lane Kiffin will say “We played three full quarters, and we needed to play four.”  We were in it until the end; then we faded away.  Barkley threw some passes that he shouldn’t have; but the receivers weren’t getting open, either.  Eff the Ducks; we’ll have to settle for humiliating both Notre Dame and ucla for another consecutive year.  And I’m an old-school Trojan fan; that’s ALL I ask for.
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