Why the Trojans outclass everyone.

     No game this week, so I’ve been left to think about all that was great about the Cal game.  I remembered a key point that I had forgotten all about.  If you’ve been to campus recently, you’ve probably noticed the beautiful new student union building.  Next weekend; stop by the restrooms there.  (They are located where the Carl’s Jr. used to be.)  The restroom had a – Restroom Attendant!  That’s right; a guy was there to hand you a paper towel after you washed your hands.  He didn’t try to guilt patrons into giving him a tip, either; somebody paid him to hang out there all day.  Now that’s class.  That is “Why didn’t I think of that?” type stuff.  Let’s see ucla try that sometime. 

     I’m sure that you noticed the ucla vs. Oregon score.  I’m not even going to waste my time asking what kind of a loser team plays on Thursday; we need to focus on the bruins for this one.  Great effort there, guys.  You managed to put up 6 points?  And that’s the team that blew out Texas In Austin??  I can’t wait to see our team stomp the bruins’ guts out in the Rose Bowl in December. 

     Let’s talk about the Ducks first.  As I mentioned last week, Oregon has blown out some teams this season, but their resume isn’t exactly too impressive.  I like our chances on Saturday, and I’ll be at the Coliseum cheering the Trojans on, and yelling all kinds of abuse towards those hicks from Oregon and their goofy mascot.  In fact, I am suffering from “trash-talk overload” right now.  All sorts of slurs, invectives, and expletives are filling my brain right now and I need to take some time to process it all. 

     I’ll have another update this week focusing on the lowliness of the Ducks fan.  If you’ve got some ideas, feel free to post them in the Comments section.

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