USC 48, Cal 14

     At the Coliseum on Saturday, I noticed that the bear fans weren’t “bringing it” with the trash talk.  Not even slightly less than usual; I mean not at all!  I think that they were low on confidence; while I was a bit concerned about our defense.  The first 10 minutes of the game justified their lack of confidence, and addressed my defensive worries just fine.

     What a great ass-kicking that was!   It was made that much better by the sight of all those ugly Cal fans streaming towards the exits just before half-time.  Our defense showed up.  We learned the reason that Lane Kiffin has both the placekicker and the punter wearing #10, (that “fake field-goal turned punt”).  Cal’s coach Jeff Tedford had to settle for moral victories; claiming “I was real proud of our kids in the second half.  We came back and won the second half.”  Oooh – they managed to pull that off against our second and third string players – real impressive.  I’m really glad that USC coaches will never say any wimpy crap like that.  Of note – ucla’s Rick Neuweasel was reported to have said the same thing last week, and Karl Dorrell once made the following statement after a typical lopsided loss was handed to his bruins; “I just woke up this morning, and was happy to be alive.”

     Unacceptable.  Do you think Pete Carroll would have said that?  I remember the Trojans running to the locker room at halftime with a 28 point lead on Notre Dame.  Pete told a reporter, “We’re really going to have to start executing better to have a chance of winning this ball game.”  The talking heads in the booth laughed their asses off.  Then they laughed their asses off again when guest commentator Joe Theisman said “Hey – Notre Dame could come back.”

     Speaking of Notre Dame, I was in Las Vegas for the last few days at a real estate industry conference.  Our keynote speaker on Monday morning was none other than Rudy from Notre Dame.  Even though it started at the “un-Vegas” time of 8:30 AM, I dragged myself over there to take a listen.  I figured there’d be some good bull-shit slinging there.  I was completely unimpressed by any of Rudy’s accomplishments except for the fact that he uses those below-average accomplishments to make a living giving these motivational speeches.  He’s one hell of a salesman – I’ll give him that.  I was really only impressed by his story of sitting next to Larry King at the screening of “Rudy,” and not punching him.  (Although he admits that he was tempted.)  But then; I’m a Trojan.  Trojans aren’t impressed by stories of mediocrity.  Rudy goes to Junior College and transfers in to Notre Dame, spends years as a tackling dummy on the football team to get put in for the final 26 seconds of a game out of pity, then graduates to become an insurance salesman.  After his life story becomes movie, he makes 6 figures a year shilling bullshit to trade shows.

    Shit – my life is more impressive than that.  How about Paul Orfalea?  He was dyslexic, went to USC, founded Kinko’s, came back to USC as a successful alumni to talk with students, (and bought me a pitcher at Traddy’s), sold Kinko’s; and now he’s a billionaire!  Trojans are hard to impress, because most people aren’t all that impressive.  ‘Nuff said.

     Kiffin and company now have 2 whole weeks to plan for Oregon.  I, for one, am optimistic.  Take a look at Oregon’s record this year.  Their resume includes blowout wins over New Mexico, Tennessee, and Portland State.  Who?  Their only notable win was over Stanford, who barely squeaked by us despite the fact we weren’t playing defense at all that night.  I’ll be at the Coliseum on the 30th, and I’ll be bringing it.

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