Cal Summary Coming Tomorrow!

I had a conference in Las Vegas from Sunday to Wednesday this week.  In true Trojan fashion; I went to the game instead of driving out Saturday night, and I skipped all the meetings on Sunday – except I did let some people buy me a steak at some French restaurant at the Paris.  I am writing this update from Los Angeles – I managed to fit a three-day conference into one day – that’s also how Trojans roll!

I took a great picture of Tommy Trojan before the game on Saturday, but deleted it from my phone while trying to send it over.  So – this one I found on the internet will have to do:

During my Google images search for this image, I came across this – which is just too cool not to post immediately:

Since this blog is All pro-Trojan; All the time, it is my duty to disparage the bruins savagely, consistently and often.

I am way too tired to put a respectable entry together tonight; so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  I’ve got some good stuff, though:  our key-note speaker on Monday morning in Las Vegas was…. Rudy from Notre Dame!  You’ll definitely want to see my update!

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