Give Lane A Chance. Or – Fickle Fans; Don’t let the Door Hit You…

Give Lane a Chance!

     A quick note: It is close to 2AM on a Wednesday morning, and I’ve been running a business and tending to a 6-day old baby all day.  So I’ve got to make this quick.  As a result, this post will likely be rife with grammatical and spelling errors, will probably ramble significantly, and won’t cover enough of the topic.  It will be just like reading the Orange County Register!

      I received a mass e-mail today from a “friend of a friend,” (I’ve never met him, so I can’t respond back and tell him what I really think,) that was calling for the firing of Lane Kiffin.

     Really?  He says after poor performances in 4 wins, and one loss; we should throw in the towel.  More of these “fans” have been voicing their opinions recently, and it’s time for us real fans to take a stand.  If you’re thinking of giving up your season tickets based on the potential for a bad season, do it!  We don’t want you at the game.  You’re the same people I see every year starting fights with other Trojan fans.  What is that about?  Everyone knows you only fight with the other team’s fans!  Sell your tickets, and go jump on the Lakers bandwagon – they won the championship last year.  Then, when the Lakers have a crummy season, switch to the Clippers.  Then maybe start following the Ducks.  (Do the Los Angeles Kings still exist?)

      Fans like this have short memories.  In fact, I don’t think they’ve ever followed sports before.  What team out there – in any sport – has won near 90% of their games every year for decades on end?  I looked it up – and, since 1936, USC is ranked #9 among college football teams for the highest winning percentage.₁   That’s right, a 69.4% winning average puts us in the top 10 football programs ever.  11 National Championships, 7 Heisman Trophy Winners, that stomping we laid on Oklahoma in the National Championship game.  You gotta take the bad with the good, people.

     I think that I’m most offended because people are getting on Lane Kiffin’s case.  Lane is the best coach we could have chosen, because he brings our swagger back.  All those idiots on TV talking about how arrogant he is, an NFL team suing him, the riots in Knoxville when he quit.  Let’s remember that he had been the head coach at Tennessee, (number 7 on that list I mentioned above, by the way,) for one year when he was offered the USC job.  What did he do?  He immediately said “I quit,” and jumped on a plane back home while those hillbillies, (I’m sorry – it’s “Appalacian American” today,) in Tennessee burned stuff down.  Lane Kiffin is exactly what we need to turn our program around – he’s great, but he’s not a damn miracle worker!

     All you “fans” that expect an undefeated team every year need to start following the Globetrotters.  That is all.

 ₁ , 1/3 of the way down the page; in the chart titled ”Nat’l Championship Era: College Football Teams With Highest Winning Percentage.”  I eliminated Boise State for my purposes since: 1. They only played 289 games total, while everyone else on that list played at least 780. 2. Look up the opponents that they accumulated those wins against: Toledo?  San Jose State?  ‘Nuff said!
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