USC 50, Wasington State 16


First stomping of the year.

This game was largely ignored by the national media.  I couldn’t find a single photo from the game online, and had to end up using one from the Minnesota game.  The game was largely ignored by the city of Pullman, also.  The Cougars’ stadium has a whopping capacity of 36,000 – at least 75% of which was occupied for this game.  (Well, except for the 4th quarter.)

As a Trojan fan, I feel a bit offended when even our away games aren’t sellouts.  I can’t be too mad at the Cougar fans, though.  After all the whippings their team has received in the past few years, it just makes sense to catch the game on TV.  It’s much easier to drink away your sorrows that way.  Also – when your team is as crappy as the Cougars, it just costs a fortune to wash that all away with $5 beers.

As a fan, I’m extremely satisfied with this game.  I’ve always thought that USC football always came with a certain amount of “swagger.”  Remember Todd Marinovich winning the Rose Bowl hung-over and that 4th quarter bomb into the end zone vs. ucla last year?  I personally loved that Lane Kiffin continued that tradition by stating how unhappy he was in his first three post-game interviews this year.  Saying you’re unhappy after winning a game?  Now that’s swagger.

He couldn’t even say that ironically after this game.  The Trojans punted zero times while putting up 50 points, despite turning the ball over three times.  That’s domination; and I like to see that once in a while out of the Trojans.

Nickell Robey came up with that huge pick-six in the first quarter.  I love that our freshman starting cornerback is 5’ 8”.  That’s like the Lakers playing a guy that is the same height.  Stanley Havili had a huge performance, and even Mitch Mustain put up some good numbers.  When your backup quarterback’s bringing it – you know that you’ve got a great team.

Back to the lack of media coverage; the game was on Prime Ticket, channel 640.  Even though the production quality was similar to televised high school games in the South, at least they didn’t miss any touchdowns during commercial breaks.  (I’m talking to you, ESPN!)  During the 4th quarter, though; I did wish the announcers would shut the hell up and tell me what was going on in the game.  But; that’s just more swagger for you.  The game was so in the bag, the announcers decided to talk about something else.  (I was ignoring them, so I forgot what it was.)

In other college football news, Notre Dame got stomped by Stanford and ucla beat Texas in Texas!! (????)  Where did that come from?  Look for all the Texas bandwagon fans to start jumping ship soon.  I’ve noticed that Texas has the most hangers-on of any other college team.  Since Texas is a big state; anybody who once lived there, or visited, seems to claim allegiance to the longhorns and their lame “hook ‘em” salute.  They focus on the positives (the national championship), rather than the negatives, (that their goofy fight song is set to the tune of “I’ve been working on the railroad.”) 

Speaking of national championships; their 2005 national championship came quite some time after their last in 1970.  Incidentally, they won that national championship (Coaches’ Poll) in a split decision that came after they lost the Cotton Bowl. How does that happen?

I think that the whole “cult of Longhorn fandom” traces itself to the year they barely squeaked by USC.  Their fans think that they are great because they beat us 5 years ago.  Now – other teams claiming greatness based on beating us?  That gives us swagger – even with a loss.

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3 Responses to USC 50, Wasington State 16

  1. tnapoleon74 says:

    Way to bring it.

  2. william says:

    As a texas fan, all I can ask is, “bitter much?” A third of your blog’s first ever entry dedicated to the 2005 national championship game? And fans of a team focusing on the positives over the negatives??? Holy Shit!!! What a characteristic unique to texas fans. With this in mind, I’m left wondering why this blog is focusing on the positive performance of the team on the field and not the corruption that, like it or not, will forever be associated with your run of glory in the first half of the past decade. Anyway Chris, after careful consideration, I have decided to decline your facebook invite to “like” this blog. And yes, I am still bitter over the loss to UCLA. I’m sure you will agree that all those t-shirt fans will go running for the exits. Nevermind, you’re a USC fan. You guys don’t have t-shirt fans….save for ALL of Orange county and most of LA

    • chrisuscfan says:

      Hey – aren’t you a guy from Texas who had an “awakening” (probably sometime in late 2004) that he was a UT fan? My thesis can now be finished – that’s my closing argument!

      Don’t hate because you jumped on the wrong bandwagon. I’d feel like I wasn’t doing my job right if a USC hater “liked” this blog.

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