The Beginning.

My name is Chris, and I’ve been a Trojan football fan since I transferred to USC in 1995.  I have been following the team for fifteen years now.  For those of you doing the math, this means that I was a Trojan fan BEFORE our current run of wins.

Yes – This means I was a fan before we got good.  I stuck through the tail end of what I called “the dark second reign of John Robinson,” and those forgettable 3 years of Paul Hackett.  (Although he did manage to beat ucla.)  I’ll always remember watching the away games on TV as an undergraduate.  The “Chevrolet Player of the Game” was, more often than not, our punter!  That’s right – the punter was the most valuable member of our team.  ’nuff said there.

I started business school back at USC in 2003.  Most of my classmates weren’t lucky enough to have a Trojan undergraduate degree, but their football timing was perfect.  We were inches away from three consecutive national titles, although I blame our defense for letting Texas just march down the field and win the game. (More about that later.)

So, my classmates from the MBA program may not have “put in their time” by rooting for a crappy team.  Also – there are plenty of fans that have jumped on the Trojan bandwagon after our successes.  I can’t say that I blame them.  The Trojans are winners; and everyone wants to be on the winner’s side.  How often (when USC isn’t playing) does the Rose Bowl sell out?  Clippers games?  Again, enough said! (Although I do apologize to the Clippers for comparing them to ucla.)

I started this blog as a way to get news about our football team to other like-minded fans.  Sure, there are a couple of other Trojan football blogs out there – I’ve been reading them.  I was unsatisfied with those blogs’ lack of focus.  I don’t care about any other sport at SC except football.  I don’t want to read rants and raves about other topics.  I prefer my USC media to be focused – all football, all the time.

I’ll be updating this blog at least weekly; and will get the hang of this damn blog software soon. Fight On!


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